Parents in the square against the Grillo

You are going to meet from every part of Italy. Goal: to reach piazza Montecitorio in Rome on a weekday. There are thousands of families contrary to the impositions of the vaccines. This morning, in front of Parliament, you are presented with megaphones, banners and whistles. Moms, dads, grandparents, doctors. They remained for a long time. Someone was wearing the t-shirt with the pictures of the children damaged by vaccination. So many faces without a smile, to occupy the space of the t-shirt.

“Out of the Shackle from the palace,”and “giù le mani dai bambini” were the choirs. “How can a minister of Health to deny what has happened to our children?” (an allusion to the statement “I do not know the dead vaccines” made from the Cricket on tv).

No to the blackmail of health, no to the ghettoization of non-vaccinated” – they asked – “Away from the government who forbids the schools to our children, labeling them as non-compliant. We want the doctor to decide how we must prevent disease, not the Glaxo“. The banner more eye-catching is dedicated to the pharmaceutical company and below shows the project “zero votes”. The associations that bring together parents “are not willing to trade for the inviolability of the body of children” have launched the protest as “zero votes” in view of the European.

Disappointed in this government, many have launched the proposal to cancel the ballot, in a sign of protest. Harsh words against Giulia Grillo and against Matteo Salvini: “they had Both promised to respect the Constitution, not to exclude children from nurseries and kindergartens , and instead, with the Ddl for the 770 (if not changed) is expected to be dismissed from classes to students aged 6 to 16 years”.

PS. Saturday, Bologna conference, entitled “Primum non nocere; vaccines between doubts and certainties”. Admission is free at the Hotel CENTERGROSS in Bentivoglio (BO), via Saliceto, 8 to 11 may 2019 from 14.30 to 19.30. In the poster the names of the speakers.


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