German News About HPV Vaccine Injuries & Lack of Transparency of Side Effects

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Good evening. Welcome to Westpol. Ten years ago, it was a world sensation. The cervical cancer vaccine was the first cancer vaccine. A breakthrough in cancer prevention. It certainly protected many girls and women from the disease. But even this vaccine can have side effects. And this even though the European Medicines Agency considers this vaccine safe and that it is unnecessary to educate patients and doctors about risks. 
The 15-year-old Paula from Langenfeld trusted this assessment. Now she is paraplegic, a recognized vaccine damage.


Everything changed. I always wonder what I will do after graduation. Will I be accepted despite my wheelchair?

Nina Katzemich:

We are not sure the European Medicines Agency is always acting in the interest of patients.

Jan Salzmann, Internist:
The risk outweighs the medical benefits.

Male Voiceover: 

Just two years ago, sports were Paula’s favorite hobby. Today even small movements are problematic. Two years ago, the now 15-year-old felt a strong back pain. Only hours later, her legs were paralyzed.

I worry how others perceive me. They see a wheelchair and think, “That poor girl.” But I despise pity.

Male Voiceover:

A look back. Westpol had previously visited the family six months ago. Paula was vaccinated against cervical cancer shortly before the paralysis, her mother told us then.


We had not been well informed. We slid trustingly into the biggest disaster of our lives.

Male Voiceover:
Back then, everybody denied the possibility that Paula’s paralysis could have been related to the vaccine.

Now suddenly state support is available for the necessary lift Paula needs to navigate the stairs. For retrofitting the bathroom. To widen doors so that they will accommodate the wheelchair. At the end of April, the Landkraft Verband (this is a regional government agency) recognized what has been clear to the family for a long time: Paula suffers from so-called vaccine damage.

The third question the doctors asked us was, “Was she vaccinated?” which we could undoubtedly confirm, and in that moment, it was clear to me that the vaccine and the illness of our daughter which is an autoimmune disease are very closely connected.

Male Voiceover:
Doctors have noticed for years massive side effects in those who received the cervical cancer vaccine: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, joint pain, seizures, ovarian failure, muscle atrophy, and POTS (Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) which also affects Paula.

Facts that are known to the Europäische Arztneimittelaufsicht, or EMA for short. The agency is responsible for the approval and monitoring of vaccines. Enrica Alteri heads their safety department. She did not grant us an interview but addressed the afflicted a few weeks ago on Danish TV.

Enrica Alteri: 

They are absolutely right to be heard. Is that due to the vaccine? We don’t think so.

Male Voiceover:
Statements on which not just patients but also doctors like Jan Salzmann must rely.

Jan Salzmann:
When the health agency informs us that a vaccine or prescription drug doesn’t currently have any pertinent side effects, we accept that as fact.

Male Voiceover:
What even doctors don’t know is that in internal EMA documents which Westpol obtained, experts doubted the safety of the vaccine as far back as 2013.

The document reads, “Researchers were divided over whether or not the diagnosis of POTUS was triggered by the vaccine. (…) it required investigation.”

The agency did not find the need to inform doctors or the public. To the contrary. Independent researchers are outraged that the concerns are no longer part of the official EMA report on the vaccine.

A few days ago, the Forschernetzwerk Cochrane wrote a blistering letter which reads in part, “The official EMA-Report is deceptive. It tries to convey the impression that concerns over the safety of the vaccine are groundless.”

Nina Katzemich from the organization Lobbycontrol has been watching the EMA for a while. She tells us that the pharma industry finances the EMA up to 85%. The controlee pays the controller.

Nina Katzemich:
We have observed that the EMA absolutely sides with the pharma industry when it comes to medication safety and transparency.

Male Voiceover:
And then there is also personnel entanglement. Thomas Lönngren, former longtime director of the EMA, is now a pharma lobbyist. Stefano Marino transformed from pharma lobbyist to director of EMA’s legal department. These are only two of many examples. Because even Enrica Alteri switched sides. She worked until 2012 for the manufacturer of the vaccine. But she does not see a problem with this.

Enrica Alteri:
Our procedures against conflicts of interest are solid and we review it all the time.

Male Voiceover:
We showed Paula’s mother our research. She learns for the first time that the European Medicines Agency concealed warnings from researchers.

Paula’s Mother:
It is outrageous that agencies know but don’t complete further studies, research, anything. These agencies have a responsibility. If we had access to this information back then, we would not have vaccinated.

Male Voiceover:
Paula and her mother wish they would have been given more information about the risks, but the agencies are still recommending the vaccine as safe.

Business is good for the manufacturer of the vaccine. While vaccines against tetanus or the flu range in price between 5 and 10 euro, the rate for a dose of the cervical cancer vaccine is around 300 Euro. So far, the worldwide revenue has been more than 30 billion euro.

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