Get Far Away From The USA… It’s Collapse Will Be Messy (2020 Edition)

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TDV on 153 News: New video page New resources page Covid Is a Hoax Flyer: Brave Browser: —————————————————————————————————————- Intro song is from Rob Hustle's song Good Cops: NY cops drive into crowd of people and other view Cops destroying private property Old man pulls out bow in Salt Lake City Aftermath (car on fire): National guard and MPD sweeping our residential street. Shooting paint canisters at us on our own front porch. Yelling “light em up” AG Bill Barr: “In many places, it appears the violence is planned, organized & driven by anarchtic left extremist groups—far left extremist groups using Antifa-like tactics.” Candace Owens Tweet Including ANTIFA chanting that Soros owed them money, after their chapter tweeted he owed them 15$/hr – A solid message to Antifa from the great state of Alabama..I’m with you all the way respect.. National Guard rolling in numbers in Downtown Los Angeles The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization. UNITED NATION MILITARY TROOPS MAY SOON ARRIVE AND SEE ACTION ON AMERICAN SOIL: Event 201 in November 2019 talks about shutting down internet to stop mis and disinformation The #Minneapolis PD website has been taken offline by #Anonymous & they're threatening to take down any government website for any organization attacking protestors: #anonymous hacked chicago police scanners…

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