Getting Beat Up, Robbed, Extorted and Caged in the USSA

Getting Beat Up, Robbed, Extorted and Caged in the USSA. Jeff Berwick on Disenthrall Tickets for Anarchapulco 2020 Available here: Subscribe to The Dollar Vigilante mailing list here: Follow The Dollar Vigilante on BitChute: The Dollar Vigilante on LBRY: lbry://@DollarVigilante#1 Jeff Berwick on Flote: Original livestream interview by Patrick Smith for Disenthrall: Topics include: the truth about the Epstein Island caper, Jeff getting beat up and robbed in New Orleans, getting arrested at the airport for having a plastic cup of wine, inside a Louisiana jail, the joys of the TSA, , 500 Anarchast episodes, handle statists gently, escaping the statist cult, supporting the anarchist community, Jeffs tattoos, voluntarist dispute resolution, Anarchapulco 2020

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