“Professional orders? They no longer represent us”

I present to you the first congress of Let’s count!, the association was born from the dissatisfaction of Doctors With Health Policy and which today includes, in addition to health care, also several representatives of civil society and various citizens (teachers students, entrepreneurs, traders, freelancers and unemployed).

It will be held a stone’s throw from Bergamo, Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 May, at Theinter Click here e here for information. The title of the two days of meetings, “Not praevalebunt“, embodies the meaning of this association that has just established a trade union.

Summarize Dario Giacomini, the radiologist and medical executive who founded Let’s count!: “We were born to affirm the freedom of care and the right to work. In the summer of 2021 we realized that 2022 would become problematic for employment: from the obligation to present the green pass to the economic crisis, from layoffs to rising prices. “Let’s count ourselves” for us also has the sense of”counting on our neighbor”: we supported members in difficulty with legal assistance and street demonstrations and we invite everyone to collaborate”.

All for one, one for all

“What happens to one of us happens to everyone. If we let it run for one category, tomorrow it’s up to another.

Health workers today are the most harassed, those who chose not to get vaccinated have been suspended from work and the obligation for us will remain in force until December despite scientific evidence (one is also infected with three vaccines) they have disproved the assumption on which the decree rests: the text establishes that one must be vaccinated to prevent infection”.

The political purpose

“We must replace politics, trade unions and professional orders, starting with forming a community. It’s no longer time to wait. We are all involved in defending freedoms and work: to stand by without acting means to offer a free field to other a-scientific and inhumane measures”.

The protest: rejecting the budgets of orders

For a few months now, the health professionals of Contamoci! they seek to be heard in the offices of their respective provincial and regional orders without succeeding. Among the objectives ask for the application of art4 of the code of medical ethics which establishes that the doctor must refuse any conditioning and adhere to the principles of freedom, independence and responsibility. From the failure to compare the decision to reject the budgets. Like wildfire, in every Italian province, the professional orders of doctors, nurses, midwives, technicians, have seen a stop of administrative activities. It happened yesterday with the orders of the health technicians of Radiology of the Marche, in all 19 professional registers. In recent weeks, the budgets of nurses in Florence and Pistoia have been rejected; doctors in Cagliari and Udine, midwives in Veneto.

“Rejecting the budget of an order means not sharing its management, it is a very strong political gesture – explains Giacomini – orders were born to represent members and are emptying of meaning. Now the assembly will be reconvened, the budget will be resubmitted and if the latter were to be rejected a second time, the commissioner will start. In recent days to the order of doctors of Rome, which has 46 thousand members,  hundreds of doctors were denied accreditation, the doors were closed early. In fact, you are prevented from exercising a right. Not only that: we proceeded to vote by show of hands, with an approximate count of the consents and neglecting the delegates present. The blatant violation of the rules governing assemblies, even more so in a public body, shows how professional orders have now become the expression of a self-referential power, disconnected from the public interest of which they should be guardians, as well as disrespectful of the rights and dignity of those who are part of it.

Today 30-40% of the members of the various professional orders do not recognize themselves in this health management”.

The Congress

Numerous speakers among economists, teachers, entrepreneurs, doctors and associations. Some name of the health area: Ivan Cavicchi, professor of Sociology of health organizations, Luca Marini professor of international law, former vice-president of the National Committee for Bioethics (CNB), Mariano Bizzarri, oncologist and researcher, Vanni FRA FRA, endocrinologist and professor, Bruna Maccarrone, psychologist and psychotherapist. Among the associations: Assis, Info-Va Va, Comilva, listen to me Committee, committees of the healed, critical consciences, Condav, Ippocrate.org, Association Jenner, Eunomis and people like us.

And in the fall we will revaccinate?

To understand how to orient yourself in the coming autumn with vaccinations, and to know, for example, what is the scientific evidence that does not justify vaccination on children and The Cured on Friday, May 6, at Palazzo Valdina in Rome, the in-depth study entitled “Vaccination in the Prevention of SARS-Cov-2 infection to the cured and children”. Rapporteur: Alberto Donzelli, specialist in hygiene and preventive medicine, Mario Cosentino, pharmacologist, Eugenio Serravalle, pediatrician and the honorable Francesco Sapia. The meeting will be online (there are few places in attendance) on the Facebook page of the Parliamentary Group “the alternative is there”. And on the website of The Independent Medical Scientific Commission CMSi.

Original source: https://blog.ilgiornale.it/locati/2022/05/03/gli-ordini-professionali-non-ci-rappresentano-piu/

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