Gov DeSantis Vaxx Promo – What Information Are You Missing? |

Stew Peters has serious questions and insists that Floridians demand answers! How is Governor Ron DeSantis going to handle election integrity in Florida? Why hasn’t DeSantis been adamantly vocal in hi

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July 22, 2021 4:50 pm

Not all Floridians are awake. Look at the people still wearing the masks. Time is ticking away with all this BS. We cant wait for them to think for themselves any longer. We can’t save the people that will not see. If we “wait” we will wait forever, we don’t have forever. Communication with them is impossible. DeSantis’ statement about the injections at this stage in the collective awareness about the facts is not going to change anybody’s minds and now they are going to suddenly poison themselves and take it. This is a wink-wink to those of us who… Read more »

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