Greatest Apocalypse Ever


I can’t tell you. Only you can tell you.

Every conspiracy theorist belongs to a secret society without knowing it. We are masons at the base of a pyramid building a lodge. We poke holes in stories like chisels to stone. We lay keystones to new passageways of deceit as we uncover the lies of the elite. The elite gave us a blueprint we follow religiously. We build their silent temple with our eyes closed.

There are rites and rituals to this order. Once you know about evil it’s painful. Once you understand why it’s painful, it’s liberating. If no one lied, no one would discern. Lies open our aperture like a lotus. Lies are instinctually built into humanity’s code. Parents lie to their children with Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy. Mass Consciousness lies to its people with vaccines, germ theory, and war. The hidden hand of God grooms its children with lies. Truth is too soft for a comb. Lies pull through our tangles raising an awakened child immersed in its environment. Our aversion to combs hides the care behind the tug. We throw tantrums in the department store because we want a new toy instead of shoes. Our children are always the last to know how much we love them. It is part of the sacrifice we make as we climb the ladder of compassion. I used to think there were four levels of love. Now I know there are five. Compassion has always been the secret word.

  1. You love as slave
  2. You love as partner
  3. You love as master
  4. You love as human
  5. You love as God

There are 380 trillion viruses in the human body. This is a good thing.

Loving as God is Five G. Your love for humanity supersedes your needs for their approval. We abhor lies. We spit hate in their face, but parents are immune to the hate from children. They are motivated by something higher than awe. Parental motivation is below as it is above. The Illuminati know lying is good for humanity. They are the bringers of the dawn. Midwives for the age of enlightenment. They wear wicked masks and lie until we finally stop believing. Blind trust is man’s placenta. It must burst so we breathe on our own. The hidden hand is here regardless of who knows it or likes it. This Apocolypse was brought to you by the anger of three-hundred-and eighty trillion lies. That’s how many viruses are in your body. Declaring war on one is the same as destroying them all. The coronavirus is The Great Awakening.

This is the greatest Apocalypse ever. The entire world is malleable like clay. We are surrounded by insanity but we can smile and laugh as it unfolds. Everyone will enter the secret society as you have done before. You laid the bricks to the yellow brick road. If the wizard wasn’t lying you’d never discern, “there’s no place like home.”

Truth is a giant come home.

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