Hannah Poling’s Father Breaks Silence to Promote Libertarian and Conservative Ethics

Hannah Poling is the first child known to have been compensated by the federal government for vaccine injuries resulting in her autism diagnosis. Journalist David Kirby broke her story in 2008 on The Huffington Post, which has now removed dozens of “anti-vaccine” articles including the piece on her landmark concession. Autism Investigated reached out to her father, neurologist Dr. Jon Poling, for comment. This is what he wrote back:

Dear Jake,

Thank you for your letter and update on what’s happening. I think the only way to combat censorship is joining alternative platforms and calling out leftist authoritarians for what they are. I remember that when everything went public in 2008, social media really didn’t exist, and the Time website was a popular media source. Hannah’s case was the most searched and commented article for weeks straight but the powers that be determined to not put the article in the print edition. Ten years later, and the print edition of anything is pretty much irrelevant!

Vaccine choice and medical freedoms are just the tip of the liberal spear. It is much deeper a concern than just a few articles shedding light on the “vaccine court” shenanigans. My opinion is that only libertarian and conservative ethics will get us out of the mess because–Yes, individual rights do trump community need in the United States! Yes, individuals and parents have an absolute right to determine what goes into their (children’s) bodies! If the new left wing Democrats get Medicare for all, particularly without private options, our basic human right to sanctity over ones person and body is over.

With regard to vaccine adverse events and autism, I don’t pretend to have the answer, but I do know the questions not being asked for concern of the populous abandoning vaccines. I also challenge any epidemiology scientist to explain to me that if we cannot determine the true prevalence of autism numbers rising or not, how can you possibly tell me what does and does not cause it? (We are just going to skip arithmetic and move directly to calculus today class!)

I hope you are doing well and navigating this mine field. I don’t hold any animosity toward Rolf [Hazlehurst] for past agitations and understand he is just seeking justice for his son. I wish him well.


The Huffington Post has removed the article, “Government Concedes Vaccine-Autism Case in Federal Court – Now What?” In its place is the statement, “A previous blog post published on this site has been removed in the interest of public health.” What about the interest of Hannah Poling’s health?

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