Hannity Plays Heitkamp Undercover Video

This was clipped from the October 24, 2018 program of Hannity on the FOX News Channel. TRANSCRIPT: "Meanwhile we have a damning new revelation about Senator Heidi Heitkamp… Look at this brand new undercover James O'Keefe, showing Heitkamp campaign staffers revealing while she campaigns as a moderate, just like Bredesen, In TN and Claire McCaskill In MO, she’s no different than any other far-left democrat. All democrats are lying. They’re literally lying to you,, take a look…. Oh she’s going to be a super liberal. But she’s not running as a super liberal. Are you surprised? Remember she throughout due process and presumption of innocence and tried to block Kavanugh nomination. Shouldn’t be any surprise. Heitkamp’s office doesn’t want to talk to us, shocking. Bredesen got caught calling the people of Tennessee ignorant. We know that McCaskill got caught saying I’m anti-gun, pro-everything Obama believed. Heitkamp staff saying she’ll be a super liberal. You know thank God Project Veritas got this tape."

Original source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IovKl2leoA

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