“He does support unions” But “Don’t say that to people!” Senator Donnelly Masks Support for Unions

"He does" Support Unions, But "don't say that to people!" IN Senator Donnelly Masks Union Support, Says Wife Jill Donnelly
• "I wouldn't say anything about unions… just say he's for working families."
• "Right to Work is a headline to pay people less than what they – but we can't say that."
• Jill Donnelly: "He does" Support Unions, Just "don't say that to people!"
• Campaign Volunteer and Union Member: "… his career began through organized labor" "He’s got like a 98% AFL-CIO voting record"
• Donnelly Has to Play Down Being Liberal "especially in Indiana, just because like, it's so conservative."
• "I know for a fact that he's losing voters [be]cause of Kavanaugh… [be]cause he voted no."

Original source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bgDO6C4Mz0

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