Health Impact News Launches The COVID Information Center with QRC Scan Codes to Easily Share with Others

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

We have just launched the COVID Information Center here at Health Impact News, so that our readers and anyone in the public can quickly and easily access and share information from dozens of articles we have published on the COVID crisis that expose the false narrative that the Globalists publish through their propaganda corporate media.

It utilizes QRC scan codes that any cell phone with a camera can quickly scan to bring up the page of information.

QR codes were developed originally in Japan, and QR is short for “Quick Response.” All cell phones today have access to scan apps for QRC, and some phone operating systems might even have the app built-in. If not, there are dozens of free ones that can be downloaded.

Each page has a hyperlink as well that one can simply click on or tap to get to the information as well, but the advantage of a QR code is you can bring it up on the screen of your phone and point it to someone else’s phone for them to scan, and then the web page of information pops up right on their screen.

Think of this as a digital brochure that you can pass out to others, even in public, as virtually everyone carries a cell phone these days, and so within a matter of seconds the person you are talking to can bring up a page with information and links to more information, making it possible to pass on literally hundreds of pages of resources in seconds, without worrying about censorship through social media or email.

This can be useful in situations where you are trying to educate others on the corporate media propaganda, such as those who blindly follow face mask mandates, and you can offer to give them free information via their cell phone immediately with links to scholarly material written by doctors and other scientists who expose “the other side.”

Who doesn’t want FREE information? Tell them it could literally save their lives!

So far, the COVID Information Center has pages for:

COVID Face Masks Research


COVID Testing Information


COVID Plandemic Revealed


COVID Hydroxychloroquine Scandal


We will be adding more pages in the near future, and adding to existing pages as we publish more information.

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