Heitkamp Opponent Reacts to Undercover Video Revealing She Will Be “Super Liberal” if Re-Elected

This was clipped from the October 24, 2018 program of "What's on Your Mind?" hosted by Scott Hennen. http://www.whatsonyourmindradio.com/ Partial Transcript: CRAMER:
That jig is up. She was able to pull it off for a long time. First of all, it was a pretty good illustration of why you need to hire more North Dakotans on your staff. The guy in Washington was particularly interesting, I watched the video, the one that's quite confident that she's far more liberal than she lets on. You know he might want to pay more close attention to her constituency. But, my favorite really has to be the Obama poster trick. When the North Dakota press comes by they take the Obama poster down so that the Fargo press core doesn’t see it… LISTENER CALLING IN: "Hi Congressman Cramer… I was wondering if you'd seen Hannity last night, and the video that they played about Heidi Hietkamp it was Project Veritas, on how she baits the North Dakota voters, and then once she baits them, she switches totally to Democratic views once she's in.
Yeah I saw the full video online, it's about 9 minutes long, and it's of course a number of staffers both in Washington and North Dakota who are revealing the true, motives if you will, that they see of Senator Heitkamp. First of all, in fairness to her, a lot of times these staffers don't know much about what they're talking about. And in her case that's possible. With that said, there's one particular staffer in Washington that was very concerning, the higher-ranking official staff person that's making it very clear that she's far more liberal and tends to be far more liberal than her campaign is letting on…

Original source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJoUpfZo6J0

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