Here We Go Again


Sonoma County has banned gatherings over 50 people and told residents to “shelter in place.” This is the prelude to a statewide lockdown. We can’t let it happen.

If the goal is to “stop the spread,” Los Angeles is instructive. The county now has by far the most cases per capita in California. Somehow the highly scientific regimen of vaccine passports and outdoor masking has failed.

To make things more surreal, the state is now having healthcare staff work while COVID-positive. This comes after thousands of staff were fired even if COVID-recovered, thanks to Newsom’s mandates.

If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result, then the recipe for returning to sanity is simple: end all mandates, lockdowns, and restrictions. Pass ACR 46, my resolution to end the State of Emergency. 

Meanwhile, yesterday Newsom rolled out by far the largest state budget in U.S. history – and spoke for three hours about it. It totals $280 billion. I’ve never seen someone so gleeful about lighting cash on fire. 

But there is some good news at the Capitol. I’ve officially introduced my bill to repeal Prop. 47. It’s a radical idea, but I happen to think stealing things should be treated as criminal conduct. Even liberal newspapers are endorsing my bill.

On the campaign front, national Democrats have already put a target on my back and begun hammering us with daily attacks. The last thing they want is for our movement to get bigger. With your help I’m confident can handle anything they throw at us. 

Help me fend off the attacks

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