His name was Ellen Page


His name was Ellen Page but that memory is proprietary

His name was Ellen Page and he mutilated his chest by cutting into his mammary glands with a scalpel and vacuuming out his breast tissue. According to social media standards, this ritual turned Ellen into Elliot. But fear not, for this self-mutilation by proxy was justified because everyone in the room was wearing a mask. It happened on a stainless steel altar. There were priests in white vestments. There were acolytes in scrubs. It was deemed legitimate by a committee under the guidelines of a newly-edited DSMV. And in recovery, as the anesthesia faded, Elliot’s past coagulated into hate speech. But his name was “Ellen Page.” And saying that will never be hate speech.

Elliot reasoned, “Identifying as a man has nothing to do with my body which is why I must mutilate my body to feel more like a man.” This kind of thinking is a manifestation of a fetish for self-mutilation normalized as an identity crisis. Twenty years ago the DSMV would have agreed. But that opinion has been stricken from the record.

Referring to someone by their prior self is called, “dead-naming.” But that’s not dead-naming. You see, when someone dies we’re allowed to remember them for who they were. It’s encouraged. We buy a plaque from the local trophy shop and mount it on the center of a park bench and decorate it with bronze stars. We etch their name as deep and as plain as we can to remember. No. What we call “dead-naming” is not dead-naming. Its invention implies memories are proprietary and the subject of your memory gets to change their file without your consent. It implies they can hold you liable for unsubscribing to auto-updates. It has become a punitive form of litigation. Dead-naming is when someone is punished for remembering the truth too vividly. Jordan Peterson was ousted from Twitter today for calling Elliot Page “Ellen.” This became illegal the moment Elliot mutilated Ellen. Dave Rubin followed Jordan onto the gallows and plead his case before the Twitter King. The ritual harkens back to the streets of Rome where a young boy would circumcise himself to win acceptance from his peers. This is how we survive in the alley. We mutilate ourselves to showcase our ability to ignore it.

“Ten to 15 years after surgical reassignment, the suicide rate of those who had undergone sex-reassignment surgery rose to 20 times that of comparable peers.” – Dr. Paul McHugh – Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

The highest rates of suicide among transgender are among those who already mutilated themselves. Much like our Veterans, a slow and painful realization overcomes them as they realize what they did and how many people lined up to praise the happening. Each living carcass was hip-hip-hoorayed up the summit of a sacrificial pyramid. There is no coming down. Anyone questioning the ritual will be thrown into the volcano.

If Elliot truly identifies as a man and his biological body has nothing to do with his gender, why does he need to mutilate himself to feel it? Better question, why are punished for remembering his past? Or for knowing the truth of his genes. The truth reveals we profiteer from the distraction and are mesmerized by the peculiarity of the spectacle too much to want it to end. Its a metronome of sadomasochism.

His name was Ellen and there’s no going back for her.

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