Hope Is in the Air


The 9th Circuit just ruled Gavin Newsom violated the “right of parents to control their children’s education” by closing private schools. It’s a huge win for Harmeet Dhillon and the Center for American Liberty.

This follows a press conference I held Tuesday endorsing a School Choice initiative for 2022, to let funding follow the student. And in more good news, parent groups have filed a lawsuit to end Newsom’s cruel school mask mandate. 

I am now more hopeful than ever: We can turn the page on this dark era of government control by lighting a new spark of liberty and self-government.

That hope was in the frigid air yesterday as we took our campaign to Newsom’s home turf. The SF Chronicle’s headline read, “Newsom challenger Kevin Kiley appeals to SF.’s Republicans in rally,” but many in the crowd were actually Democrats – including two of the speakers.

We also have a debate coming up. I’m joining the four other leading contenders for a televised debate at the Nixon Library on August 4. Hugh Hewitt and Elex Michaelson are among the moderators.

But as I told the Chronicle yesterday: “I’m aiming all my fire at Newsom. The other folks who are running, I see as teammates. We all want to recall Newsom.”

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