House Dems renew a list of long-dead tax subsidies at the behest of powerful corporate lobbyists

It’s not just the Democrats looking to bring home the pork. Republicans pig out on tax money too. But some in Congress are more brazen than others.

(From The Daily Signal)

There are other subsidies as well—for instance, for an American Samoan tuna plant; a renewed program for low-income areas that government research has repeatedly found to be ineffective; an increased tax on coal; and a paid family leave subsidy that acts as a windfall tax benefit, as it is almost exclusively used by businesses that are already providing leave in the free market…

And the author points out a key part of the crony system. These goodies come up for renewal, which means that lobbyists must continue to lobby and politicians have a reason to entertain lobbyists and deep pocketed donors.
This would set up a renewed cycle of periodic “must pass” extensions beginning in two years, which only breed further corruption and fiscal mismanagement.


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