House of Mirrors


Everyone feels the shake up, the wake up, the house of
mirrors reflecting back their every thought and emotion, while this carnival
ride spins faster and faster. Everyone wants to know what’s coming next, what
to prepare for, what to hope for, and how it’s all going to roll out. Inhaling,
exhaling, trying to reclaim thoughts, shed fears, and play in the world’s
largest game of charades. Trying to figure out body language, reading between
the lines, reviewing endless documents, attempted legislation, and tuning into
some of the most graphically disturbing videos of our time. But the house of
mirrors is at the center of it all.

Reaction is everything. It drives your thoughts, emotions,
possibilities, opportunities, and hopelessness. Each new piece of information
or action that is witnessed, is another reaction, and in that reaction is the
reflection of yourself, revealing your innermost hopes, fears, and doubts. For
each person, it is different. Though everyone may feel rage over a specific
incident, the rage is triggered for different reasons in each person, and the
reactions vary. Recognizing and reconciling all of this brings necessary
awareness. Each action is another mirror – another self-discovery.

While everyone is using all of their energy to focus on what
is taking place outside of them, it is fueling anger, fear, anxiety, and
depression, while creating a mass scale collective energy bomb of lowly
vibration that perpetuates and manifests a furtherance of the same negative
energy. Don’t get stuck on their hamster wheel. It’s a trap.

People are often afraid of the unknown, not knowing what’s
going to happen next, of change, of lack, and not being in control. We are in
the thick of that forest right now, but there is a path one can follow through
that forest instead of getting lost. Letting go of control is probably the
hardest part for most. Following the path of faith and knowing that no matter
what happens, it is as it should be, and for reasons much bigger than you or I.
This path is lit, you just need to trust in yourself and take the first step.
Remove all of the chaos from your mind, let go for a moment, breathe deeply, and
put one foot in front of the other.

Judgement is a hurdle for everyone right now, as it feels
that there is much to be judged. In a battle of evil vs good or dark vs light
where everyone involved feels they are in the right, and everyone is judging
each other, it turns to a dark pool of mud that entraps all. The longer one
remains in anger and judgement, the more hardened their heart becomes, the more
pain they feel, and love takes a backseat. What would happen if with each
reaction or statement that comes from anger and judgement, one were to balance
it with love in their heart and mind, simultaneously?

In fighting this battle, if we lose ourselves, if we turn
over our soul to rage, if we push love to the side, what will become of us? We
are fighting necessary battles on multiple fronts right now, but do not lose
sight of what we are fighting for or the dark will win. Remember, they relish
in power and control, and that includes breaking you and your spirit. They
gather energy from this and find joy in it. Let these mirrors reveal that which
you wish to shed, and project back the strength, power, and love in you that
will diminish their power.

I once knew someone who was a sociopath. She tried
relentlessly to get to me, to push my buttons, to figure out how to take my
power away. She couldn’t do it. It made her furious. I wouldn’t react, or I
would simply smile. One day, after two long years, she finally did it. I lost
my cool and screamed – something I have done less than 5 times in my entire
life. Do you know what she did? She had no comeback, nothing to say at all,
because she had achieved her goal – she finally broke me for one minute, and
she smiled. That’s all she did – a great big smile. Here’s the reality to this
scenario. She expended enormous amounts of energy for two full years and
remained angry and frustrated over not being able to get under my skin, while I
stood back and watched her energy drain. That’s a huge investment on her part.
The moral to the story is, don’t over expend your energy on dark forces,
because they gain energy from it, and will drain you in the process if you feed
into it. Use your energy wisely and in positive ways as often as possible. Take
action to achieve goals, not to just spew anger.

Everyone is feeling fatigue from this battle. If you don’t
pace yourself, ground yourself, and balance yourself, you will run out of fuel.
Defining goals, and bringing things into a realistic perspective while making
sure you are utilizing your energy in the most effective way, will go a long

No matter how much each of us may feel that we are
individuals in this battle all alone, and some are terribly burdened with
loneliness and depression right now, the fact is, we are all in this together
because we are all fighting the same demons and are all feeling the
repercussions. Even when a new piece of unconstitutional “mandate” or “law” goes
into effect in a state we don’t live in, we all actively and collectively rally
for our fellow citizens in those states, because we see the injustice and we
fight for all of our brothers and sisters. The same goes for our brothers and
sisters in other countries. What we are experiencing on a global scale is a
sense of unity that is so profound and so significant to the future of mankind,
it is important to continue to lift each other up more than anything right now.
We need to remain strong, compassionate, and clear-minded to take action
against these injustices. If we allow ourselves to sink to their depths and
lose focus, we will lose the battle.

I think an analogy can be made for the seven stages of
grief, in that it seems to parallel our collective experience, even though our
minds ponder separately.

Shock and denial – Most have long surpassed this.

Pain and guilt – So many have felt the pain and
betrayal. Some have felt guilt for buying into their schemes for so long. Let
it go.

Anger and bargaining – Oh we’ve hit anger alright.
Many are still stuck here. There has been an awful lot of bargaining taking
place in the government, but for most of us, we want a hard line.

Depression – I believe most people have experienced
this, even if short lived, over these past months. It’s been a rough ride.
Psychological warfare on our loved ones is difficult to witness, and spiritual
warfare against all of us can be exhausting.

The upward turn – We are almost here. In fact, as
difficult as it is to see through that forest, there are signs pointing in an
upward direction. Keep the faith.

Reconstruction and working through – This will be
the single most important part to all of this. We need all hands on deck in
reconstruction and creating new systems. We’ve spent so much time on
deconstruction and are still fighting to prevent their NWO plans of
reconstruction. Don’t let the well go empty because a lot of work lies ahead.

Acceptance and hope – This will be a combination of
heartache and hope. There will be new changes moving forward and some of those
things we will not like, which will require acceptance. I am not referring to
our constitutional rights being taken away – that is something we should never
stop fighting for. But there will be change – some good, some not so good. Hope
will be in the opportunities to create some of the changes we wish to see, and
that is already happening.

Don’t get lost in the house of mirrors – see it for what it
is. It is a gift to show you all aspects of yourself, to unleash every emotion,
and force you to feel, process, and see truths. It is what is needed for people
to move beyond the illusions, including those they’ve had about themselves.
Settle your intentions, draw from your heart, and act on them. You got this!

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