House of Representatives readies yet another TRILLION DOLLAR spending bill for next week


One thing we know is that this extra money is not coming from taxes.

(From Appropriations.House.Gov)

H.R. 7617 totals $1.367 trillion in discretionary funding and consists of seven FY 2021 appropriations bills: Commerce-Justice-Science, Defense, Energy and Water Development, Financial Service and General Government, Homeland Security, Labor-HHS-Education, and Transportation-Housing and Urban Development.

In total, the package provides:

$661.4 billion in base defense funding;
$420.1 billion in base nondefense funding;
$68.7 billion for defense Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO);
$5.2 billion for nondefense disaster relief activities;
$1.9 billion for nondefense program integrity initiatives; and
$206.7 billion in emergency supplemental appropriations.

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