How to Pierce the Fabric of Existence


The year was 500 BC. It was mid morning in the port town of Ephesus along the Mediterranean shores of Turkey. A young girl named Asha is watching her father casting a spell with his fingers. He is multiplying 41 and 1,729 in the trenches carved into the table. He clicks discs of dark hardwood up and down the canals as his lips mumble an elaborate and ancient incantation. She tries to guess the answer but he speaks too quickly, “70,889 electrums.” Her father scribes the number to a parchment and rolls it up for transport.

Asha takes the scroll from his hands and swivels herself around like a soldier. She rushes out the doorway into the sunlight and promptly trips over the rooster. She giggles her way back to her feet, glances back for a smile from her father and continues on her mission. Her father grins as he resets the count to zero with a swipe of his hand.

Asha is off through the emporia like a chased sparrow. She forks left by the eel monger and slips under a canopy of spice vendors. She skirts the shoulders of the yellow teahouse, turns two corners, and dives into a forest of rugs hanging from a ceiling. She skips up a limestone stairway above the steaming fish kitchens and over the shingled roof of a goat breeder. And finally, Asha climbs down a water chain, and into the garden of a rich sea captain delivering her father’s incantation.

Asha is a neural pathway. She is a road map to the sea captain. The pathway is optimized through repetition and improvisation. Asha improved her pathway this morning by one errant rooster.

A definition of Consciousness.

  1. Intelligence is the art of simulation.
  2. The self is an uninterrupted stream of these simulations.

We recognize life as being that which demonstrates the ability to react to (or simulate) the environment. In effect, we require life to prove itself by measuring its actions. If a bird stops moving despite the environment we call it dead. This definition leaves the possibility that rocks are indeed conscious, they simply react to their environment by choosing to do nothing at all for a very long time, over-and-over again.

So what are you?

Your consciousness is a shared 360 VR video file of trillions of simulations. At death, what do you think happens to this entry? Could people be capable of preserving their information? Reincarnation is the ultimate blockchain.

There are others like you.

There is a class of people who know and understand how to share this data across the threshold of consciousness. The Dalai Lama has done so fourteen times already. He has claimed this will be his last incarnation. There are others who hold this same secret but are not as jovial as his holiness. A gnostic cult based on an understanding of our system and the keys of perception is ruling our systems. A cult of guilt/shame and mind control. A choice is appearing in the road ahead. I suggest you choose your inner intuition. Some say our intuition is a subconscious doorway into a broader dimension.

Raise the antenna inside.

Things are moving so fast now. It’s important to embrace the shifting. So many are still resisting and you can’t let their illusion affect your destiny. If this message resonates with you you know it’s a calling. I’m not sure what’s going to happen but I want this on the record. A profound uncovering is happening all across the world right now. Facades are crumbling as veils are being lifted. This means you, too. Look around your personal circle. Something’s gotta go to make room for something new. Maybe it’s a belief. Maybe it’s a mortgage.

Collect your body.

Each of your chakras form a spinal antenna. Each node is spread out harmonically for a reason. You are a bone resonator. You can tune into the frequencies from any dimension. It’s a weaker volume than you are used to so you have to practice your listening. Try this. Gaze at the flame from the candle when it’s quiet and still. Do you see the vertical curtain ripping? A slivered window into a world of pure light, heat and passion. A place that would consume you. Now see your reality for what it truly is, a curtain of three dimension.

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