IDENTIFIED: Federal Employees Bragging of Stealing Land


During the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, a video surfaced showing a National Park Service (NPS) employee bragging how they swindled “two little guys that had been in the Second World War,” out of their $40 million property for only $2.5 million in which she says she, “stole the money from Washington” to pay for it.

Note: This video and the contents within are not related to the occupation in Oregon but it’s relevant to the struggles that private property owners and ranchers like the Hammonds and Bundys face when dealing with encroaching federal agencies.

The following is an ongoing effort to identify all the people in the video. Please check back frequently for updates and if you find any errors or have additional info, please leave any relevant information in the comments below.
Updated on Jan 23. 4:38PM. 


This video was uploaded on Jan. 16 but was filmed at Mary Martin’s retirement party (Federal Land Grab Awards Party) in 2005 when she ended her tenure as Superintendent of Mojave.


  1. Mary Martin – Former National Park Service employee – Superintendent of Mojave National Park  and Lassen Volcanic Park.
  2. Dick Martin – Mary’s husband and former National Park Service employee – Superintendent of Death Valley National Park.
    dickmartin_4746043_ver1-0_640_480Proof of connection to Mary Martin and NPS: (
    Another photo: (
  3. Dennis Schramm – referred to as “Dennis & Marcia” at 0:13.
    Former National Park Service employee.

  4. Marcia Shramm – referred to as “Dennis & Marcia” at 0:13 (
    Excerpt taken from here (archive here):

    Personnel management at Mojave National Preserve was guided by Marcia Schramm from the establishment of the park until her departure in September 2002. Schramm brought up-to-date human resources solutions to the problem of hiring and retaining a diverse and productive park staff. In 1997, all employees attended a week-long training session on Stephen Covey’s “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” and all members of the management team received diversity training. [262] Marcia Schramm represented Mojave National Preserve on the Pacific-West Region’s Equal Opportunity Diversity Advisory Committee throughout her tenure. Schramm and other managers formulated a diversity plan in 1997-1998, utilizing the regional committee’s plan as a model. The plan’s focus was for the Preserve workforce to “reflect the diversity of the American population.” The document outlined a series of objectives and strategies to achieve those objectives, including conducting more recruiting among underrepresented groups and creating a plan to enhance the quality of work life. [263] The park was very successful in hiring more diverse candidates in both its seasonal hires and in additions to the permanent park staff. For example, in fiscal year 1999, seven out of eight temporary hires and four out of six permanent employees were either women or minorities, and the following year the statistic was four out of six temporary and six of six permanent hires. [264]



  1. Mr. Paulison (Dave Paulissen)? His name is mentioned at 5:00 (I can’t quite make out the name). This guy later correctly guesses the smaller 5.66 acres number on the wall as privately held land in Lassen Park at 7:20.
    Turns out there is a Dave Paulissen who worked with Mary Martin at the time of her tenure. Not many names have that pronunciation so I feel confident this is the guy Mr. Paulison they refer to in the video. copy | screenshot
    More references of Dave Paulissen:
  2. All-Cattle-Crossing-Sign-No-Hat-Man (Tim Duncan?) – Bald guy gives cattle crossing sign to Mary Martin as a “little memento,” signed by Bubba. Mary mentions his “Tim” at 8:28 referring to him as Acting Chief. No-Hat-Man brags by responding how he did take down lots of the signs but “didn’t complete the task.”NPS page showing Mary Martin and Tim Duncan working together at Mojave: copy | screenshotNPS page with picture of Tim Duncan (Park Ranger)

    Man in Video
    Tim Duncan (left)


    More images:




  1. Evil Penguin (We the People’s Most Wanted)
    Evil Penguin of the Mojave from Washington D.C.

    What we know from her speech.

    “Left DC in 1994”
    “Went back to Western Region in San Francisco” (works for NPS???)
    “Met Dick in DC when we would have staff meetings”
    Dick called her re: a mine he wanted to acquire.
    She had a meeting with Dick and Mary re: acquiring mine.
    Established value of said mine was worth around $40 million.
    “I came from DC Lands'” (what is LANDS????) Mentions working with Mary Martin getting Molycorp and Catellus (The Wildlands Conservancy).

  2. Auto-Auction-Guy – The guy handing out the prizes to those who can guess the correct number of acreage acquired and still privately owned. Is that Shelton?  Maybe
    Car-Auction-Guy announcing prizes at the Federal Land Grab Awards Party (left)

    This is not Mary’s husband as you can hear and see a man from the table mention how the sign is not be going to clutter up his garage at 8:40. I’m assuming that’s her husband and he looks like other images of Dick Martin.

  3. Shelton? Mentioned at 3:29 and 3:50
    Mary says she met Shelton working on “Gutellas” at 3:50. Not sure on the spelling.
  4. Bubba – Mentioned by No-Hat-Man having autographed the cattle crossing sign.
  5. Curly Bill (Bubba?) At 8:50 Curly adds to the kudos given to Mary by saying how those number of acres highlighted don’t include private ranches. He goes on to explain how difficult the taking of the rancher’s lands can be and basically how talented she was at it. Mary accepts his kind words and in return gives with a warm hug.

    Unidentified accessory to Federal Land Grab Awards Party resembles Curly Bill in Tombstone


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IDENTIFIED: Federal Employees Bragging of Stealing Land – 2ndfor1st | Flurry of Thoughts
January 22, 2016 6:35 pm
January 22, 2016 8:21 pm

As far as I’m concerned. Every one at this meeting and having so much fun about. Taking land and money as if they are untouchable. I will from this day on. Do everything I can to hold them accountable!

2 Million Bikers to DC
2 Million Bikers to DC
January 23, 2016 6:17 am

Thank You for your work in identifying these people. Please let us know when you are able to identify the rest. EXCELLENT WORK! ~ 2MBTDC

January 23, 2016 12:21 pm

Before you get your pitchforks out, maybe you should find the facts of what she’s talking about. Maybe the mine owners were happy to sell the land. Your title is defamation, by the way. She never talks about stealing land, she talks about “stealing” money from another budget.

I don’t know what mine she’s talking about, but what you spelled “Gutellas” should be “Catellus”:

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February 7, 2016 5:52 pm

Does the Federal Government have the right to ‘own’ any land other than forts or ports?

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[…] Special Agent in Charge Bretzing’s link to this case is troubling in light of the accusations of wrongdoing and excessive tactics that mirror the current situation in Burns, Or. and the circumstances surrounding the death of LaVoy Finicum. Now enter into the equation the question of Indian Artifacts at the Malhuer Reserve and accusations that occupiers were defiling them and one must begin to become suspect. Considering Agent Bretzing’s connection to another investigation, one involving the FBI and fraud, corruption and National Security Leaks out of the FBI’s Salt Lake City Office, it is a downright frightening pattern. Throw… Read more »