The world to come

I imagined it yesterday, the world, to come.

While I was breathing the protest against Green Pass and vaccination obligation promoted by Italex. Oh yes, I breathed, making my way among thousands of people in the square that Milan has named Freedom,  V We haven’t seen such gatherings in years.

Long Live Italy
From sleep she woke up…

Premise. We do not know what will happen tomorrow: no one can know. We do not know how the government will be directed, Who will be elected president or when it will go to vote. However, sometimes, imagination works as a sixth sense. And the signals are picked up by feeling where the favorable wind is coming from.

The morning Good Morning

With a judgment made public yesterday, the Tar of Lazio has accepted the appeal presented by the Committee Home Care Covid 19. The anti Covid protocol of the Ministry of Health rejected, no to paracetamol and watchful waiting and yes to what every doctor prescribes in science and conscience.

The embarrassing Aifa guidelines of April 26, 2021 become waste paper, this. Twenty-six pages to prohibit doctors from prescribing drugs that have always been recommended against influenza or Sars. 

Africa has also awakened

Several African countries have refused expiring vaccine doses. Millions of packages donated to the continent by the Gavi foundation of the Gates spouses ended up under bulldozers or burned in bonfires (how can you call a gift a product Almost waste?) Here.

Closeness of intent and physics

Back to yesterday’s crowd. Human beings next to other human beings, fratelli d’ Italy, no card to show, no one pointed out as “unctor”. There was no air of discrimination. “Do you have an intervention from the stage?” I ask the three policemen who got out of a truck. ”Today yes”.

A suspended agent of the OSA syndicate takes the floor, Luca Cellamare: “…how many renunciations we have made, how many days of celebration dedicated to work because we have always believed in the common good. We did it out of Duty. Today some of us are suspended on charges of being contagious. The accusation is to push us to do something we don’t want: we are not going to check the qr code of those who eat a sandwich at the bar while the cities and transport are invaded by criminals and rapists. There are murderers who have alimony and we who have served the country find ourselves without pay. We are not alone in Europe, many colleagues have had to give in to blackmail but they are with us: they are not robots”.

Important signs of impatience also come from restaurateurs. Alessia Brescia president of the Veneto restaurateurs Association, he hoped for the end of the cards, “we are not controllers, this system leads us to failure and puts us against each other”.

The Nobel Prize Winner Luc Montagnier (“to which fact-checkers would like to take away the Nobel” cit. Gianluigi Paragone).

Applauded loudly, the professor who isolated the HIV virus in 1983 and who today continues to chair a research laboratory, said that to stop the disease is not enough vaccines but requires “a combination of treatments and lifestyles”.

“Contrary to what was said at the beginning it was seen that these vaccines do not protect against infection. All doctors know this. Then there are the risks related to Spike protein, many sportsmen have had major heart disease as a result of vaccinations. And it is a crime to think about vaccinating children, it is important that doctors intervene as soon as possible, the future of humanity is in the way”. The Nobel laureate then added that “unvaccinated people will in some form help the vaccinated who will get sick”. And that the laws of nature will prevail”.

On the immediate future he is not pessimistic, ” every citizen is free, take advantage of upcoming elections to say your opinion”.

A new Minister of Health

Imagination makes us glimpse the end of the hope era. To move on, of course. And then because everything has an end.

Vo pop populi would like a doctor (Speranza graduated in Political Science and before becoming minister of Health was councillor for Urban Planning).

Like it very much Alberto Donzelli he has been involved in public health for 40 years. For months Donzelli, together with other colleagues, has been asking for a confrontation with the CTS Scientific Technical Committee and has never received an answer. “We need to question the excess mortality among young people and adults that emerged in 2021; it is not necessary to vaccinate children with these vaccines that, we are observing from the publications, after three months from the last dose they make the vaccinated subject more exposed to infections”.

Here you can listen to EMA’s spokesperson, Marco Cavaleri, which about these studies and for the same reasons indicated by Donzelli, puts a brake on further recalls (boosters).

Children are the future

Applauded  the interventions of Heather Parisi E of the E MOT MotoGP rider Marco Melandri. La Parisi, has also started a campaign to inform families about vaccinations to children. “ … I also speak as a mother who cares for her children. Vaccines do not help cure the disease and no one can tell us how to cure us. It is enough to blame unwise policies on the unvaccinated, who exercise only their sacrosanct right of choice”.

Melandri: “we cannot deny children the freedom to play sports; today they are denying this right. I come from public housing, I woke up every morning with the dream of becoming a pilot, and thanks to my family I succeeded. Sport has taught me to be with people and to get up, I have known the world and learned values that help me become a better father. Without sports, kids risk getting lost.

I want to be able to look my daughter in the eye and give her a future, freedom is a future. Boys must be free to live and respect any choice. This green card does not give any freedom, it can be revoked at any time”.

I swear I’m free
The native soil:
United for God
Who can win?

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