“I’m sorry, but that is not an approved product.”: UK Police Force Threatens to Search Shopping Baskets to Catch ‘Lockdown’ Violators


The UK was once a relatively free society.

(From Summit News)

Northamptonshire Police chief constable Nick Adderley prompted outrage after he appeared in a video to warn people who were buying unessential items at grocery stores that their purchases may be scrutinized by the authorities.

“We will not at this stage be starting to marshal supermarkets and checking the items in baskets and trolleys to see whether it’s a legitimate, necessary item but again be under no illusion, if people do not heed the warnings and the pleas that I’m making today, we will start to do that,” said Adderley.

Reprinted from: https://www.ac2news.com/2020/04/im-sorry-but-that-is-not-an-approved-product-uk-police-force-threatens-to-search-shopping-baskets-to-catch-lockdown-violators/

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