Is There a Relationship Between Influenza Vaccination and COVID-19 Mortality?

By Guest Contributor Ted Kuntz, President, Vaccine Choice Canada


A randomized placebo-controlled trial in children showed that the influenza vaccine increased fivefold the risk of acute respiratory infections caused by a group of non-influenza viruses, including coronaviruses. 1, 2

A study of US military personnel confirms that those who received an influenza vaccine had an increased susceptibility to coronavirus infection. The study concluded “Vaccine derived virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus.” 3, 4, 5

European Union numbers show a correlation between influenza vaccine and coronavirus deaths. The countries with highest death rates (Belgium, Spain, Italy, UK, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Ireland and USA) had all vaccinated at least half of their elderly population against influenza. 6

In Canada, 82% of deaths attributed to COVID-19 occurred in long-term care settings.

In many countries, health care providers in seniors care facilities are required to receive the influenza vaccine annually, and the uptake of the vaccine by seniors in those homes is very high or even required.

It would be interesting to know how many of the deaths attributed to COVID-19 occurred in individuals vaccinated with the influenza vaccine in recent years.

Given the known risks of disease enhancement associated with a coronavirus vaccine, the relationship between influenza vaccination and COVID-19 mortality ought to be seriously examined.






[5] Wolff GG. Influenza Vaccination and Respiratory Virus Interference Among Department of Defense Personnel During the 2017-2018 Influenza Season. Vaccine 2020;38 (2):350-354.




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