It’s Official


It’s official. The Secretary of State has verified enough signatures to trigger an election for the removal of Gavin Newsom as Governor.

This is an achievement of historic proportions: our country’s largest ever signature drive and our state’s greatest ever citizens movement.

In theory, Newsom could still stop the election by harassing people into retracting their signatures. But that’s rather unlikely. In fact, the bill to expose the name and address of petition signers was just withdrawn by the author. 

As a sign of his desperation, Newsom just personally attacked me using his “Stop the Republican Recall” Twitter account. Ironically, he attacked me for opposing a bill that 20 Assembly Democrats and the Senate Majority Leader also declined to support.

The Recall also just received an endorsement of sorts from an unlikely source: Newsom’s own lawyer. At our hearing Tuesday, he argued it’s ok for the Governor to claim absolute power because people can always recall him if they don’t like it. This was said with a straight face.

Meanwhile, Newsom’s anti-Recall campaign received $25,000 from a high-speed rail contractor whose award has doubled to $2.2 billion. This bonfire of corruption is already ablaze.

In truth, corruption has burned through almost every vestige of sanity and decency at our Capitol. That’s why a state where “astounding enterprises” were once “rushed through with a magnificent dash and daring” (in the words of Mark Twain) is now taking decades to build a $100 billion obsolete train to nowhere.

The Recall is a moment of restoration and revival. It’s a reassertion of the simple 27-word Preamble to our state’s founding document:

We, the People of the State of California, grateful to Almighty God for our freedom, in order to secure and perpetuate its blessings, do establish this Constitution.

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