JB Handley Credits Mark Blaxill, MBA, for Dead Epidemiologist’s Epidemic Denial-Debunking

According to rich ignoramus and vaccine crime apologist JB Handley in his overhyped and gaffe-filled book How To End The Autism Epidemic:

Diagnostic substitution as a credible explanation for the rise in autism cases experienced a very short shelf life. Data from California, Minnesota, and the US Department of Education quickly repudiated the diagnostic substitution argument, but first the authors of the 2002 study had to retract their results, after a methodological flaw was pointed out to them by Harvard MBA and coauthor of “Denial” Mark Blaxill. Dr. Lisa Croen, the lead author of the 2002 study implying no autism epidemic, reevaluated her data and concluded that, after taking into account Mr. Blaxill’s criticisms (which he published in a scientific journal), “diagnostic substitution does not appear to account for the increased trend in autism prevalence we observed in our original analysis.”

According to Handley, Mark Blaxill, MBA, made a team of research scientists retract their conclusions. Impressive right? Well actually, the criticisms came from a letter published in the same journal that had three authors.

The affiliation of the third author tells us who the real brains was behind the epidemic denial-debunking analysis Blaxill takes credit for:

3 Emeritus Professor of Epidemiology, McGill University, Montreal Canada.

In 2010, Autism Investigated’s future editor wrote a thorough debunking of a bogus thimerosal-defending study Mark Blaxill was instrumental in initiating. It shared a coauthor with the 2002 study Handley falsely credited Blaxill for debunking. In the post for Age of Autism and at Blaxill’s editorial demand, Autism Investigated’s future editor wrote that the researchers who made the 2002 study authors retract were “led” by Blaxill. However, they were not led by him.

He got to coauthor the critique through his unexplained invitation to present at the Institute of Medicine in 2001, despite having no credentials or publications of any kind. His presentation was a crude graph of California’s reported autism prevalence. The meeting was curiously held in his hometown of Cambridge, MA, not Washington, DC, where the institute is based. He then invited SafeMinds members from the meeting to his house for pizza and beer. SafeMinds reciprocated by inviting him to join the organization’s board on which he would serve for 12 years before resigning after the organization’s hijacking of the 2012 congressional autism hearing.

In contrast to Blaxill’s spontaneous involvement, critique coauthor and Epidemiology Professor Walter Spitzer had been an elected member of the institute since 1985. That was before it became totally corrupt, obviously. He was also the coauthor who answered any questions or comments about the critique, and who the coauthors of the 2002 epidemic denial study retracted their conclusions to:

4 Correspondence should be addressed to Walter O. Spitzer, 4920 Bath Road, Bath by Kingston, Ontario K0H1G0, Canada; e-mail: spitzerw@attglobal.net

Sadly, that’s no longer possible according to a 2006 obituary:

With great sadness, we announce the passing of Walter O. Spitzer on April 27, 2006. Following complications resulting from a recent car accident, he died peacefully at Saint Mary’s of the Lake Hospital in Kingston with his family by his side, and is now with his Lord.

Last October, Mark Blaxill gave a copy of JB Handley’s book crediting Blaxill for Spitzer’s work to Donald Trump. While Spitzer is with his Lord, Blaxill is crediting himself for Spitzer’s important work to our president who is now pushing vaccines. JB Handley did not respond to this article, even after Autism Investigated showed it to him.

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