JB Handley Pays Del Bigtree To Say Liar Paul Offit Cares About Children!

Update: JB Handley has responded, “For the record, I’ve never contributed to ICAN, so referring to me as Del’s benefactor is a falsehood.” However, Handley’s charity Generation Rescue is listed as one of ICAN’s partners.

Thank you to a dedicated reader for alerting Autism Investigated to this. Del Bigtree says that liar Paul Offit cares about children.

Go to 55:25 and watch the video for yourself. Del Bigtree interviews a woman named Lynette Barron, who says Paul Offit is a good guy who believes he’s doing what’s best for children. Bigtree agrees with her.

Here are some things Bigtree’s benefactor JB Handley wrote for Age of Autism years ago in posts from 2008-2011:

OK, let me be clear: I think Paul Offit is a blowhard liar, a vaccine profiteer and apologist, and every time he opens his mouth he disrespects my son.

Offit lied blatantly in his book, and I’d like a little justice. He did it to try and make me look bad. I think he succeeded, and he had to lie to make it happen. That makes me unhappy. And, it’s a pattern from him that we have seen for a long time on many issues related to vaccines and autism

Not only is Offit’s comment insane, it’s also wildly dangerous and untrue. 100,000 vaccines given to a baby would cause immediate death, every single time. How profoundly disrespectful to the THOUSANDS of parents for whom ONE vaccine caused death for their child. ONE!!

JB Handley said all that. Now he is bankrolling Del Bigtree to say that Paul Offit cares about kids! Will Handley retract what he wrote, or retract Bigtree’s funding? Handley will not comment to Autism Investigated about Bigtree’s remarks.

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