JB Handley: Senate HELP Whitewash of Thimerosal Cover-up “Genuine”

In 2019, the Senate HELP Committee invited teenage propaganda prop Ethan Lindenberger to testify about how wrong his mother is for questioning the CDC about vaccines. In 2007, the Senate HELP Committee “exonerated” the CDC of its research misconduct in defending the mercury-based vaccine preservative thimerosal. The report was largely a result of JB Handley’s Generation Rescue organization having the bright idea to ask Bill Frist’s Senate to “investigate” the CDC. Handley is now vice chairman of the “Children’s Health Defense” chaired by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

How did JB Handley respond at the time?

Bummer. That’s my reaction after reading the report examining allegations of misconduct between CDC and IOM by the Senate HELP Committee.

From sources I trust, the folks at HELP seemed pretty genuine in getting to an answer, so I’m not going to second-guess what they concluded.

Handley had never even read the report. It’s not because he lacks basic research skills; he does.

He has not read the report because the report was never released publicly. According to the Senate HELP Committee:

The full report, including names of witnesses interviewed, documents obtained and reviewed, and investigative methodology, is on file with the Committee and will not be released publicly. This summary report is intended to describe the allegations and findings without violating the confidentiality of witnesses or divulging proprietary information. Although all investigative work was conducted while Senator Enzi served as Chairman of the Committee during 2005 and 2006, the report will refer to him as the Ranking Member based on his status on the date of issuance.

One reader asked:

JB, Do you think a politician who didn’t sound genuine while he was lying to you could get elected?

What was JB’s reply?

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But not to fear, according to Handley’s DC political liaison Kelli Ann Davis:

We brought up some pertinent points during our meeting yesterday and we were assured that there would be follow-up.

12 years later, their follow-up is calls for nationwide mandatory vaccination. To think that people including Robert F. Kennedy Jr. still listen to JB Handley. Shame on “Children’s Health Defense” for making him its vice chairman!

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