Joe Biden’s DOJ to Resume Extorting Money From Corporations to Benefit Special Interest Groups

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(From RedState)

In the first set of Executive Orders signed today by Joe Biden was the reversal of a DOJ policy put in place by Attorney General Jeff Sessions which prohibited provisions in settlement agreements in civil litigation that directed the opposing party to pay the money from the settlement to some third-party interest group that DOJ believed could put the money to better use than having it go into the Treasury of the United States…

…A(n) illuminating example of this practice, one that shows exactly how it can be used as a funding mechanism for all manner of Democrat Party interest groups, was the 2014 settlement of claims against Bank of America relating to the 2008 mortgage fraud crisis. Out of the total of $17 billion DOJ required BofA to pay, nearly $7 billion went to left-wing activist groups associated with Democrat party special interests.

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