Jonathan E. Howard, MD: “Maybe Merck pays me to eat babies.”

Source: Professor, Department of Neurology
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry
Associate Director, Neurology Service, Bellevue Hospital Center
Clerkship Director Clinical Neurological Sciences


Dec 17 2018 – 9:23 AM

9:29 AM he gets quoted by @and_kell calling him out.

Uh oh!
By 9:40 AM the tweet was gone – he had to delete it.

Why do these vaccine pushing doctors say things like this and then have to delete their tweets?

See timestamp (compare with link shared by @and_kell above to see it has in fact been removed):

What is this guy’s deal with eating babies?

Appears he’s used the baby-eating argument several times? WTF?




Why didn’t he delete those ones?

Why does this doctor look so familiar?

Turns out he was caught when he first joined Twitter pushing vaccines with Dorit Reiss and Co. At the time he only tweeted 44 times and gained 27 followers.

Among his first 27 followers were known Twitter Vax Pushers Eve Switzer (@kidoctr), Dorit Reiss (@doritmi), Geoff Schuler (@GeoffSchuler) and Ryan Armstrong (@ryarmst).

Someone also pointed out how he looks an awful lot like the man standing next to Dorit Reiss in front of the Pfizer logo.


This was him targeting Dr. Toni Bark when he came on the Vax Pusher Radar.

At the time of publishing this article, Howard had tweeted 1,834 times and gained 478 followers.


Jonathan Howard commented on the Pfizer photo:


And he answered as to why he deleted his tweet about Merck paying him to eat babies.

Even Dorit Weighed In

Jonathan Howard on Twitter: “I thought it was too sarcastic and not u…
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