Kamala Harris Enforced California’s Revocation of Vaccine Exemptions

The stories coming out of California about blatant intrusions into the daily lives of its residents may soon become reality for all Americans. Joe Biden has just announced his running mate will be Senator Kamala Harris, formerly Attorney General of California. As Attorney General, Harris brutally and efficiently implemented SB277 – the law that eliminated all non-physician vaccine exemptions.

The brute force with which that law has been carried out was captured on film in real-time. As can be seen from stills of a since-removed video posted by Infowars, an unnamed school official is seen serving papers to a mother while demanding her son’s vaccination records. In the other still, he can be seen walking away with a police officer who accompanied him after he followed the horrified mother to her son’s bus stop. The mother, who had taken the video, was even threatened with arrest. Attorney General Harris went even further than the law required her to go, however.

Almost as soon as SB277 came into effect in 2016, pediatrician Dr. Bob Sears was subject to a formal complaint by the Medical Board of California for exempting a child of vaccines after that child suffered severe reactions resulting in multiple organ shut-down. Dr. Sears was subsequently put on three-years probation, which he is still serving. Since SB277’s passage, California’s current governor Gavin Newsom signed into state law exactly what was practiced with Dr. Sears.

Last September, Newsom signed SB276. The law completely stripped physicians of their right to issue vaccine exemptions and placed the authority into the hands of the California Department of Public Health. Four months before that fateful decision, Senator Harris sent out the below tweet on the day Joe Biden announced his presidential campaign and three months after she launched her own.

Although she was elected to the Senate before Newsom was elected governor, she was attorney general while he was already lieutenant governor. Before either held state positions, she was DA of San Francisco while he was mayor. It’s hard to imagine anyone having more of an influence on the legal opinions of California’s current governor than Senator Harris.

Her joining the Democratic ticket also shows she is perfectly content with whoever Newsom appoints to replace her should she be elected vice president. One month after signing SB276, he appointed the medical board director who sanctioned Dr. Sears to become California’s director of consumer affairs! Whoever would fill Harris’ Senate seat is still not even as scary as the fact that her electoral victory would make her the most powerful vice president in living memory.

To anyone remotely following Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, it’s obvious that he won’t be making the presidential decisions even if he wins the presidency on paper. Senator Harris knows that and knows the profound implications of being his running mate.

The rest of America should know what it means, too. It means that if you don’t want your entire country becoming like California, you should reject any ticket with Senator Harris’ name on it. Whichever state you move to, you could no longer escape her.

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