Kevin McKernan on Covid-19: It's origins, how it may be changing the research process for the better, and why a vaccine is not a good solution.

What Then Must We Do?

Bretigne Shaffer Podcast

CSO of Medicinal Genomics, Kevin McKernan, explains why Covid-19 may have been with us for much longer than we’ve thought; how the desire for information is pushing people to bypass peer review – maybe for something better, and why looking to a vaccine as a solution is a terrible idea.

Links from the discussion:

Preprint site, BioRxiv

Preprint site, MedRxiv


The Braun, et al paper he mentions

And you can find Kevin at:

Medicinal Genomics

Kevin McKernan on Twitter

Kevin McKernan on Facebook

Previous podcast episode with Kevin discussing the problems with peer review and a revolutionary solution, is here.

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