KIDS INC. Documentary Coming in August: Must See!


One of the most important documentaries of the year is about to release, and I want to be sure it gets the coverage and exposure it deserves, because this should be on everyone’s radar as the most critical topic of our time. Child sex trafficking has been a worldwide epidemic for far too long, and increasing exponentially in recent years. This is a pivotal moment in time where brave people are speaking up, researchers are digging in, and voices are beginning to be heard. Now more than ever, everyone must continue this fight to keep the children safe, to stop these evil acts, and to put an end to child trafficking once and for all.

I asked Mellisa “Honeybee” Zaccaria to provide me with a write-up on their documentary and a little background about themselves. These amazing people have put their heart and soul into this documentary, traveling across the country to dig for truth and expose it to the world. The depth of their research is powerful and extensive. I encourage everyone to watch this incredible trailer and consider donating to help offset their expenses in making this masterpiece. Be sure to follow them, as you do not want to miss the release of this documentary!



‘KIDS INC.’ is a crowd-funded documentary inspired by the late Georgia Senator, Nancy Schaefer, who was murdered during her campaign to expose a racket, facilitated by our own government, to exploit American children and families for monetary gain. Three activists became a film crew and deep down the rabbit hole they went…

The personal accounts featured in the film bring the audience on a sobering journey into the ever-expanding and horrendous epidemic of child sex trafficking in the United States. The film aims its cross hairs on the unjustified targeting of families by Child Protective Services and it’s private foster care agencies, families involved with inter-generational ritual abuse, child sexual abuse within the church, and other cases of kidnap, torture, and exploitation of children for profit. The goal of the documentarians is to set forth a call to action; it is the responsibility of every US citizen to awaken and activate their family, folks within their neighborhood, and others in their community, to identify and expose these crimes, to create oversight committees & support groups, and to spread awareness, preventing further suffering and to help survivors across the nation know their voices are being heard.

The Incredible People Behind the Documentary:

Anthony Cadorniga – Director/Videographer/Co-Producer

Anthony Cadorniga, known to many as ‘The Liberty Columnist’, is an independent investigative journalist with a focus on combating the phony, dishonest narratives of the failing mainstream media with uncensored, accurate reporting of the facts. A passionate focal point of The Liberty Columnist’s work is shedding light onto the international epidemic of sex trafficking, pedophilia, and ritualistic child abuse.  His work is heavily immersed in investigating networks of individuals, businesses, and other entities involved in these crimes and building investigative reports and video journals of the many findings and observations.

Majoring in Political Science, his passions include religiously reading books in political theory and philosophy, austrian economics, law and justice, and natural medicine.  He is currently directing and producing a documentary entitled ‘KIDS INC.’ exposing child abuse and child sex trafficking as it relates to the legal kidnapping done through the persistent and immoral efforts of Child Protective Services.

Follow Anthony on twitter and bitchute. Support Anthony via paypal.


Mellisa “Honeybee” Zaccaria – Executive Producer

Mellisa Zaccaria, aka “Honeybee”, is an independent investigator, child advocate, and a familiar face within the alternative media and truth communities. She is the Executive Producer of ‘KIDS INC.’, and has traveled the country advocating, investigating, and diligently reporting on child exploitation for the last 2 years. She spent 10 years of her young life as a Parks & Rec Director at Danvers Town Hall in Massachusetts, an Infant/toddler preschool teacher, and a special needs camp instructor. Mellisa also engaged in political activism and public speaking within her community since the age of 15. She majored in Educational Psychology at Franklin Pierce University and Journalism & Technical Writing at North Shore Community College, and was the News Editor for the Pennon Student Newspaper.

Since 2016, Mellisa has taken her talents and activism to the internet and beyond. Her most prominant investigative work exposes government corruption, child sex trafficking and exploitation, as well as exposing and infiltrating pedophile advocacy networks that are pushing for pedophile rights, legislation, and normalization in the US. She is the Founder of N.A.P.A.L.M. (Nations Against Pedophile Advocated Legislation and Mobilization) and maintains a large YouTube and Twitter following of over 40,000 subscribers.

Follow Mellisa “Honeybee” on twitter, youtube and bitchute. Support Mellisa via paypal or patreon.


Heather Middendorf – Production Manager/Co-Producer

Heather Middendorf has been working diligently behind the scenes on KIDS INC. since its inception. She is extremely passionate about child advocacy as well as taking a stand against those who protect and/or engage in crimes against humanity including but not limited to pedophilia, ritual abuse, and abuse of public office and corruption.  As a proponent of due diligence, she works to educate others on research methods and strategies to promote self-advocacy.

Heather has set up oversight committee, sex trafficking awareness forums, and provides advocacy to families and victims within her community. She also has extensive experience in lawfare, court advocacy, and the juvenile/family court system.

Follow Heather on twitter, youtube and steemit. Support Heather via paypal.


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