Know about Akshata Murthy First Husband and Her Instagram Link

With the recent explosion of news and facts on the newly appointed prime minister of Britain, Rishi Sunak, there is someone in the background who is also getting the much-deserved love and recognition

And you guessed it right. That is nobody other than his ever-supportive better half who recently moved with him to Downing Street, his wife Akshata Murty

Now while you may have heard bits and pieces about her from sources around, here is another article compiling some of the most important facts so together, we get to know the dynamic wife of this vibrant personality, for she deserves the limelight too, doesn’t she?

Akshata Murthy Family (with Introduction of Family Mambers)

Okay, now if you weren’t already aware, this could come as an interesting fact to you, and that is that Akshata Murty’ is the daughter of the famous Indian businessman, N R Narayana Murthy, known for being the co-founder of the famous Indian IT company, Infosys

It is not often known that the family had very humble beginnings, back in the 1980s when the Murthy couple were starting their careers. It was said that the news of his daughter’s birth reached her father through a colleague as he didn’t have a phone. 

The little girl grew up with her grandmother in her hometown, Hubli, while her parents had to pursue their careers in Mumbai. 

Akshatha’s mother Sudha is today one of India’s most prominent social workers with many books and noble works to her name. One of the first female engineers to work in Telco, Sudha Murthy made sure that her two children (Akshatha and Rohan) received very normal upbringings to cultivate their much-needed values. 

Sources even say that the family never possessed a television at home for a long time. The kids went to school in an auto rickshaw just like all of their friends. 

It’s no surprise that the young woman has reached the level of success that she’s at today. 

And that’s what we gather from the family life and upbringing of the wife of Rishi Sunak, Akshata Murty.

Akshata Murthy Education And Career

On finishing school at the Baldwin girl’s high school in Bangalore, young Akshatha moved to America to get her degree in economics and French which she pursued at Claremont McKenna college in California. 

This was followed by a diploma in the manufacturing of clothes, as we see is her true passion. This, she did at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, a reputed college in the state of Los Angeles. 

She then went on to pursue her MBA at Stanford and it was here that she met her college sweetheart and now husband, Rishi Sunak. 

The scholar from Oxford University was even said to have made adjustments in his class schedule to spend more time with the woman who stole his heart. The couple finally tied the knot at a simple ceremony back home in India and theirs was a wedding to remember but uh, oh, why are we talking about this? This was supposed to be about Akshata’s education, right? 

Moving on…

By profession, Akshata Murthy works as a fashion designer, with her clothing brand which we shall see more of later on in this article. 

Akshata Murthy First Husband

Okay, now while the media may be blasting with news on the new British prime minister Rishi Sunak, an article on Akshata Murty would feel incomplete without a word about her husband, wouldn’t it?

And so, here’s a little bit about him. Rishi Sunak, as you would already know is the recently appointed prime minister of Britain, soon to move to Downing street with his wife and two kids. 

What else? The man, as his very name suggests, is of Indian origin and is Punjabi by birth. His parents, however, spent a major chunk of their lives in East Africa, where they struggled to make a fortune, sacrificing a great deal to see that their young son went to all the good schools, with names like Winchester, Oxford, and Stanford on the list.

Philosophy, economics, politics, and business are the subjects he studied, all of which have significantly shaped him into the man we see in the headlines of today. 

Added to this is a childhood of witnessing his parents’ dedicated service to the local community, which gave him the moral standards that we today see. 

From all this we know we have a lot to expect from the new British prime minister, don’t we? 

Akshata Murthy Instagram

So, youngsters want to take a look at the young wife’s Instagram link, do you? Go ahead, it’s all there for you, rich with photos and videos that can tell a lot about the woman from herself to you. 

Please get to know all about the holidays she takes, things she does in her spare time, ongoing projects on the clothes she designs, and from now on, her life as the wife of the British prime minister. 

Check here Amrutha murty Instagram

Now, you would enjoy that, won’t you? 

Akshata Murthy Clothing Line

She has always had a love for clothes even as a child and this led to her creating a clothing line

While this baffled her serious mother at first, little did she know that it would lead the little girl to the now-successful owner of her clothing line? 

Having studied Indian handicrafts and fashion design, her clothes are more stylish; Contemporary with a dash of tradition.

And this is her design philosophy which can be found by looking at the fashion designer’s clothing line. Here one will find a mix of exotic pieces from the streets of Mumbai and Los Angeles, creatively mixed to create casual and fun wear.

She aims to protect her rich heritage and sees her works as a passport to different cultures too. 

Akshata Murthy Fashion Label

Akshatha Murthy has a fashion label to her name. So, you see, the wife of the British prime minister has good reason to be proudly standing by his side. With a high-end womenswear brand in her ownership, her degree in fashion hasn’t gone to waste, has it?

Her works mainly feature Western silhouettes in local craftsmanship and the clothes she wears as the prime minister’s wife reflect her rich sense of style. 

We Love Her, Don’t We?

Akshatha’s family life and education reflect the young woman’s morals and values as she was once known to reveal her thoughts on money and class. She reflects how a class doesn’t always have to mean a huge amount of money and that Mother Theresa had greater class than a lot of people out there who amass wealth the wrong way. 

We sure see how the Murthy family has done well in giving their little daughter a good education and upbringing. Rishi Sunak has found a gem indeed.

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