Kyle Rittenhouse NOT GUILTY And The Left Is FREAKING OUT – Will and Amala LIVE


Happy Friday! Today Will & Amala react to Kyle Rittenhouse’s not guilty verdict and people’s insane reactions from Twitter and the media. Plus Lebron James gets called out again, Churchill is canceled, blaming Systemic Racism for obesity is the black community, and fun Friday!

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Kyle Rittenhouse Acquitted

Lady outside courthouse screams F America

“White Privilege” Trends After Rittenhouse Acquitted

MSNBC Response to trial

NBA’s Enes Kanter Blasts Lebron James: “Money over Morals”

Systemic Racism Causes Obesity In The Black Community?

Teacher Says That Parents Who Want To Ban CRT Don’t Know How Education Works

Trending Article: David Brooks on the “Terrifying” Future of the Right

UK School Cancels Churchill, Renames House after Soccer Player for “Diversity”

Cashierless Starbucks

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