LA Teachers Demand Wealth Taxes and Medicare for All to Return to Classroom


(From Red State)

their teachers want to continue to keep them out of school unless the following list of demands is met from federal, state, and local government:


  • Education bailout, similar to CARES Act, for shortfalls in educating students with disabilities
  • Fully Fund Title I, IDEA
  • Medicare for All


  • Abolish Proposition 13 protections for commercial and industrial properties, which would lead to a reassessment of those properties – a $12 billion tax increase
  • Wealth Tax – 1% tax on unrealized capital gains, applicable to California billionaires only
  • Millionaire tax – 1% tax on incomes over $1 million/year, 3% tax on incomes over $3 million/year


  • Defund police (not LAUSD police; they’ve already done that)

  • Guarantee housing as a human right

  • Force LA City Council to require ALL businesses in the city to offer 10 additional sick days to all employees

  • Charter school moratorium

  • Financial handouts to illegal (immigrants) in the district

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