Larry Kudlow Suffered A Heart Attack, Trump Says


With only hours left before a historic summit between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Trump tweeted Monday evening that his top economic advisor, Larry Kudlow, has suffered a heart attack. He is currently receiving treatment at a hospital in Singapore.

Kudlow famously struggled with drugs and alcohol back in the 1990s, and his confession about his former behavior was the subject of an article in the New York Times published back in 1994, when Kudlow last worked in the White House.

Mr. Kudlow attributes his slide partly to pure pressure. On Wall Street there are producers and then there’s everyone else, and the pressure to produce helped drive Mr. Kudlow to drink and drugs.

Then there was the exhausting travel and entertaining. “You think you’re a superman, you think you can do anything,” he said. “I felt invincible and that there were no limits as to how late I could stay up or how much I could travel. Today, I can see how tough it was.”



Original source:–iI4LogDuQ/larry-kudlow-suffered-heart-attack-trump-says

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