The taxes of the italians to Bill Gates

Italy is getting poorer. More and more professionals, entrepreneurs, traders, service workers, bars, catering and tourism, are one step away from losing the job. With the same rhythm increases the cost of living: rincarano the bills and increases the expense of the necessities of life. Anyone who has been shopping at the supermarket in the last six months has noticed the soaring prices of the end of the lockdown. This situation is worsened by the shortcomings, now dated, of Education and Health.

In the midst of all this, the prime minister, Giuseppe Conte has announced that it will pay a generous contribution, equal to 287,5 million, two organizations close to Bill Gates. The sum is not a gift to Conte but the Italian State. That is, our.

We are doing charity, without knowing it, a foundation and very rich, since 2006, asks the support of all the wealthy Countries, to support research on vaccines and help (with vaccinations) poor Countries. Right or wrong, is not the point. We do not enter in the merit, for now. Because there will always be someone who does not share the reasons for which your Country decides to spend public money.

The scandal

In this case, however, it is not the will of a Country. But only the decision of the premier Giuseppe Conte. The Parliament did not express about it. Did not choose to donate that amount to the bodies that revolve around Gates.

Here you can listen to the dissent of the parliamentary Claudio Borghi and in the attached photo to read the article in the Truth of the 5 June.

Let’s go in order

In the decree a recovery that will be discussed next week in Parliament, and which contains 280 articles (“all potentially modifiable” is this the Villages) there is one that provides funding of 150 million euros to be donated, from 2026 to 2030, in 5 installments of 30 million each tothe International finance facility for immunization (Iffim). There is also talk of a second loan of 5 million to be donated this year to the Coalition for the epidemic prepararedness innovations (Cepi)

“Both structures are related to the galaxy Microsoft,” he writes The Truth. “The first is a financial instrument that is placing on the market of the bonds of the ‘vaccine bonds’ to collect resources to be allocated to the Gavi Alliance, the global alliance dedicated to vaccinations (partnership between public and private entities), launched in 1999 by Bill and Melinda Gates foundation”.

However, a few days ago (on June 4), while our premier was in London at the summit of the Alliance Gavi with 35 other heads of State, that, behold, they came out the surprises. Conte has announced that it will significantly increase the contribution that the Italian government will donate as a response to the Covid 19. There will be a new grant of 120 million euros to be added to the 155 provided in the decree the budget.

In disregard of the institutions

Conte has already decided to use that money without involving the Parliament. You can do it? No, you can’t. “During the work in the classroom this article could change, he explained, the Villages. For example, the figure could support further the fragility of the Country, the unemployed, the disabled, the schools. Therefore – concludes Villages – invitation to the premier to call Gates, and to inform him that funding is not at all safe”.

The wind undemocratic

At the moment, to challenge the decision of the man alone at the command seem to have been only the parliamentary league member Claudio Borghi and the minister for relations with Parliament, “Federico D Incà. And the other?

The previous

You may ask why the first installment of the (possible) donation Count would like to assign to Bill Gates decorra by 2026 when in September you should arrive already in our Asl vaccine, Modern, one pole position, funded just by the founder of Microsoft.

Here you will find the answers. “A first tranche of funds had been given already by the Berlusconi government to the International Finance Facility for Immunisation (Iffim): the finance act 2006 established a contribution of up to 504 million euros, with annual fees, up to 2025, with a burden equal to 3 million in 2006, to 6 million for 2007 and estimated 27.5 million starting from 2008”. In essence, up to 2025, there is the coverage of half a billion”.

The 2006 budget, at least, was voted by the Parliament.

Harassed and forced

We would like at least this year, and not, as it happened with the law Lorenzin on obligation of vaccination, the Parliament “junctions,” the health of all citizens, from 0 to 90 years, from any condition or blackmail.

More: that it is not complicit in the spread of false illusions about the anti-influenza vaccines. Which, even when they work, not protect it from the hundreds of viruses, para-influenza circulating from October to April, which give the same symptoms of the flu. Clarify the role of anti-pneumococcal (that only protects against 13 strains of a solo type of pneumonia).

La verità

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