Identifiable Data Leaks

If you’re politically active or actively speaking out on the corruption within government or dangers of Big Pharma, you can guarantee there’s no doubt you’re being targeted and monitored. One of the ways they are actively targeting you is through information that you willfully provide them without even knowing it.

See below the information that you’re leaking to the public.

Your private information leaked

Meta Your Information
Your IP Address
Your ISP DigitalOcean, LLC
Your Location San Francisco, CA United States
Your Timezone America/Los_Angeles
Your Latitude 37.7309
You Longitude -122.3886

How to fix it? With a VPN your data becomes anonymized

Protect Your Data!

One small fix can change all of that and help you to defend against these invasive tyrants.

With a VPN you can:

  • Protect your IP address from being seen by the public
  • Protect your search history
  • Protect your browsing history
  • Protect your identifiable information
  • Protect your data from being logged
  • Protect yourself from being targeted
  • Protect yourself from aggressive marketing
  • Protect your children from having their location targeted
  • Protect from being monitored by your ISP
  • And more...