Letter to Hawaii Lawmakers

Aloha Representative,

I urge you to not vote in favor of HB2502. HB2502 has the potential to violate our God given, inalienable rights. An unelected health official can bypass the governor and declare emergency, which opens the door to vaccine mandates, new normal CDC guidelines, and the digital passport ID Covi-pass that violates our privacy and constitutional rights. This is too much power and can be abused without legislative and public’s input. If the majority of the public knew about this, they would be opposed as well.

According to the CDC, COVID-19 deaths and hospitalizations have been steadily declining and is at its lowest numbers since it peaked in April. [1]

The CDC warns that COVID is at a stage where it will soon no longer be considered an ‘epidemic’ because the deaths are decreasing.

Positive case numbers have been on the rise because more testing is being done. 100,000 tests a day has exploded to 700,000 tests a day. More tests = more positive cases. It’s estimated than nearly 80% of the population will test positive because they’ve developed antibodies from being exposed to coronavirus. This is how our bodies naturally build immunity. This doesn’t show that we’re at risk, it shows us that we’re adapting to an ever mutating virus. This is what humans have done for millennia – adapt. Even though positive case numbers have increased, those numbers are false, because both the antibody and PCR test results are included in the total, according to the CDC. [2]

There are many stories on social media from people across the country saying they didn’t take the test, yet they’ve received letters saying they tested positive, or they tested positive and took the test again and it came back negative. The CDC, on its website, said if you had the “common cold” you could test positive for COVID-19. [3]  These inconsistencies and false positives make people not want to take the test. To put faith in these tests would be absurd. Peoples lives will be falsely disrupted.

The science shows that even if you test positive, there’s a 99% chance that you’ll survive with minimal complications. It’s nothing worse than the common cold or the flu. Why can’t the immunocompromised and the elderly stay at home, social distance and wear masks? This is what medical authorities and experts around the world have been advising for decades. We didn’t shut down the world for the flu that’s responsible for 60,000-80,000 deaths in the U.S. each year. We even have a vaccine for the flu, and people still get sick and die. When the Coronavirus vaccine comes out, who’s to say it’ll eradicate COVID-19, which scientists say has mutated into at least known 14 new strains? The vaccine is experimental, being an RNA vaccine that alters DNA proteins. Animal trials were skipped and it’s being fast tracked; it usually takes about 20 yrs to properly produce a vaccine, yet we are planning to give it to the entire world in less than 1-2 yrs.

Pro-vaccine doctors, like vaccine developer and pediatrician, Dr. Paul Offit and Dr. Peter Hotez, who unsuccessfully tried to develop a SARS Coronavirus type of vaccine, has reservations about the risky new Coronavirus vaccine.

Here’s a video about Dr. Paul Offit explaining the dangers of the new coronavirus vaccine.


The science shows that masks don’t work.  Denis Rancourt, PhD, a former full professor of physics and researcher with the Ottowa Civil Liberties Association, who authored more than 100 peer reviewed studies, did a thorough analysis of all meta-analysis and randomized controlled trial (RCT) studies and concluded face masks don’t work in stopping the spread of viruses and infection. [4]  Even the prominent New England Journal of Medicine published an article saying masks are ineffective and the mask mandates are based on fear, rather than science. [5]  Viral particles are minuscule, nearly 10x smaller than bacteria, which collect on face masks and get recirculated back into the lungs, which can lead to infection. These viral particles are in the atmosphere, not droplets, which are too big. Prior to the lockdown, both the CDC and WHO recommended against the public wearing face masks because they’re ineffective in the spread of viruses. In China, everyone wore masks and COVID still spread. The virus is able to survive colder temperatures, not hotter temperatures like in the summer. The Department of Homeland Security studied COVID and found the virus dies in direct sunlight in less than a minute. This could explain why Hawaii didn’t see an outbreak like in states with colder temperatures.

Masks lower oxygen levels that can lead to hypoxia. Many people have been passing out, some have died. In April, two students wearing masks died during gym class in China. [6]  In May, a man jogging while wearing a mask collapsed and developed a severe lung infection. He’s still in critical condition. [7]  In April, a man crashed his car while wearing a N95 mask in New Jersey. The police report says the mask probably caused a drop in oxygen levels and an increase in carbon dioxide. [8]  In May, Orange County in CA rescinded a mask mandate after two people wearing masks passed out and fell, almost cracking their heads open. The Colorado fire department has been responding to a number of unconscious people who were wearing face coverings. These masks are a liability and lower our immune system.

Please don’t make your decision on this bill based on fear, but rather logic and science. I urge you to stop HB2502!

Mahalo nui loa,

Cynthia Paliracio


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