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It’s been a busy year for a budding author. On Valentine’s Day, I released my new book, Blueprints of Mind Control. I have had the pleasure of talking about it on the following shows. I remain grateful for the opportunities and for everyone’s patience as I learn the live stream medium and being in front of a camera. I will get a haircut and shave eventually. I can’t give you a deadline on that right now though but it’s on the list.

Thanks to my patrons over at Patreon, I have also started a podcast. You can subscribe on iTunes or find it on other streaming platforms under my name. Thanks for all the support by being a patron, reading my column and buying my books. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t pinch myself to have a community supporting me as a writer and content producer. I have many plans here. I look forward to revealing them with you. Thank you.

My new book Blueprints for Mind Control is on shelves now! Paperback, eBook, or I can mail you an Autographed Copy

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