Lobbyists and Deep State Operatives For Medical Tyranny

@oneunderscore__ this is not my area but it does seem like accelerationism's appeal to different subgroups/parties isn't particularly well-covered or well-understood?

Wonder if we've hit the point where this content farm garbage is just written by some GPT-3-esque generator and the owners don't even bother to check for accuracy before sending it live...

@loobah_l No 🙂 I’ve still never actually been. Got a trip planned for this fall. Was supposed to go in Jan but Covid spiked and I couldn’t justify it with the kids.

Today in “exotic things I’ve bought from Miami Fruit”: long-neck 🥑. I couldn’t order these in CA & always wanted to try them. Now they’re in season so I got a box.

It’s significantly larger than a normal avocado (added for scale). Big pit. Very “juicy” not creamy. Good but odd.

@holden The propaganda lit is like this too. “Media literacy” tips for rhetorical and trope analysis developed in the 1930s. 🙂 This is why I’m increasingly convinced attention to design and emergent behavior from networks is where the really impactful potential is in the current system.

@ArmandDoma @IDoTheThinking Per the point about the rest of the world having them in addition to NYC but them being absent from many other America cities: yeah exactly. NYC is far more livable for a no-car walkable existence than virtually anywhere else in America.

@ArmandDoma @IDoTheThinking Only a few neighborhoods in SF seemed to have them. In NYC they’re everywhere and are often open 24 hours. They carry a lot more stuff; mine in the E Village had fresh foods & flowers in addition to the boxed/canned goods.

@RSButner But this is the age of influencer politicians pushing meme policies, and tweeting about being hard on Big Tech is more important than actually passing any legislation.

@RSButner This is why PATA and transparency bills matter. Unfortunately they aren’t as provocative as “stick it to the companies!” legislation that will not pass Congress now or in the foreseeable future.

@davekarpf @JamesGleick Like yeah I guess you can buy a nicer missile silo compound shelter but what kind of quality of life are your great-grandkids going to have?

@geoffbelknap @WilliamTurton @JohnHultquist Assuming everyone in thread already knows about the 💩 controversy… this is just a run-of-the-mill identity transference situation

@JohnHultquist This guy played Blippi on the live show world tour and then kind of became the video guy too. Ppl in the mom group call him “Blurpi”. The kids don’t seem to notice?

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