Lobbyists and Deep State Operatives For Medical Tyranny

@debrasol @AliMCollins you don't have to caveat: planning should have started months ago. the board is more interested in chastising parents than accomplishing substance.

latest UESF video update says they want to teach synchronously for 2 hours. 2. is that for all grades? when do we get info?

@wooster Mine, they were like “you’re going to gag and then cough, ok? Let’s go.” I wonder if it’s more accurate or faster results or anything.

Pandemic pregnancy: just got a drive-up COVID test to get cleared for UCSF L&D. It was full back of the throat and then back of the nose. It really does not feel very good. I’d thought testing had switched to some tiny swab.

@antoniogm SF children’s hospitals are some of the best in the country — our girl actually enjoyed the special treatment and efforts they made to keep her happy during recovery. Yours is in good hands.

@antoniogm My then-2yo had a surprise emergency appendectomy while I was on a 15 hr transatlantic flight last year. I got off the plane to get a whole string of update texts all at once. I felt guilty for not being there but also would not have wanted to get them in real-time.

@JulieScelfo Interesting that wasn’t offset by having to set calendar alerts to put kids into zooms, or constantly hearing 5000 micro-needs (“the milk cup I like is STILL IN THE SINK, mommmm”)

Everyone should be suspect of the Prop 24 opposition. It’s all about hiding inherent opposition from tech companies who are trying to hide. Just watch.

@rypan @jffmsl @Erie @shawnbot Whole lotta people with zero kids to homeschool, who did not personally experience what it’s like to have the district absolutely *fail* (and then learn nothing from that failure) sure do have strong twitter opinions about pods.

@rypan @jffmsl @Erie @shawnbot SFUSD is a disaster. The board is run by identitarian incompetents. I am deeply sympathetic to people doing whatever they can to make this coming year work.

Aug. 11: Our next FREE #CovidRoundsCA webinar: The State of the Pandemic, Children and Opening Schools https://www.cmadocs.org/event-info/sessionaltcd/CME20_0811_GRCOVID #VirtualRounds #GrandRounds #CME #COVID19

I upgraded my WFH setup with a second monitor and my number of open browser tabs has doubled as a result. I'm not sure if this counts as a productivity increase or decrease.

@zittrain @whstancil @ryanlcooper Amazon responded to WaPo calling them for comment on the issue by mass-nuking some of the worst offenders and then trying to pre-empt the story w/their own in Business Insider. 😉 FB took down some of the groups...others reconstituted. I'm still in a few, names change regularly.

@harryh My son learned in an afterschool program IRL in K but we did virtual chess camp for him this summer so he could keep playing. DM if useful...if he’s a kid who likes Zooms there are little 5-7yo clubs out there.

@Expherience i would like to see more media acknowledgement of the role media plays as a participant in amplification. though, design choices/infrastructure for groups online took natural human dynamics (desire to find ppl with shared interests etc) and enabled them to go off the rails.

@sm Homeschooling to supplement whatever the district pulls together. Our K class has a pod sheet set up, weekly calls, and is currently sorting out details on hours etc, families arranging by risk tolerance. We will prob do virtual + join for occasional outdoor field trips.

@sm i'm so pissed about the whole situation. it really didn't have to be this bad.

we are trying to figure out what to do for the 3yo,I think i have a plan for the 1st grader.

#3 arrives soon so maternity/paternity leave at least gives some flexibility but...we want to be working

You might argue it was further back than that, particularly given this particular instance was not even just a social media problem - it was a *media property* live-streaming in FB that drove most of those views.

@jenyalissa @AliMCollins The person with the actual power here - the person who voted to screw our kids - is the one chastising (“reminding”) parents now. That strikes me as problematic.

Also, judging ambition or loyalty of some VP candidates implies others are unambitious or can be controlled—both implications are offensive. Newsflash: They are all ambitious. They all have loyal relationships. They are all top notch. Stop it. #AmbitiousWoman

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