Lobbyists and Deep State Operatives For Medical Tyranny

@antoniogm Oh, it’s great for collective action. That’s what’s happening up there.

But for years it shunted people into bespoke realities, and facilitated connections between a variety of truther groups, and the extremely predictable result is above.

@BrandonHarami So good to see this focus on a civil process. Definitely try to instill this culture in the club you’re part of - the harassment and crazy accusations of “astroturf” for any parent leader who wants a better school board is really beyond the pale. 🙂 Time to do better.

This is going to start happening with COVID. Any mom who just spend the last year *homeschooling while working full time* has a right to be angry ab the dynamics taking shape right now, and can channel that anger productively by supporting businesses etc that are taking stands.

We didn't have to just stand idly by with a 'hmm nothing we can do, I guess, their freedom to not vaccinate is just their freedom!' 🤷‍♀️ We could, in fact, counter-speak and make clear that we were fed up, that the situation was dangerous, and that WE (and our kids) had rights too.

It became very clear, very quickly, that parents had to start speaking up. Very visibly. Very publicly. And we had to start making it clear that the choice not to vaccinate your kid for measles impacted other families. Choices have consequences.

It was really transformative for me personally. My son was too young to have his MMR when the outbreak began. School vaccination rates in some preschools & kindergartens were at ~36%. And there was an asymmetry of passion: the ppl tweeting ab vaccines were almost all antivaxxers.

Highly recommend @mgurri’s “The Revolt of the Public” on this topic.

This is why the vax conversations are so messy. It’s why elections will increasingly be disputed. BS artists who happen to enjoy the trust of some sufficiently large segment of the public shape public opinion.

#SimoneBiles is already the #GOAT. But today she became the #inspiration for every person needing the strength to choose themselves over expectation, mental health over judgement and we are so #grateful and inspired. Greatest of #greatness.

@sarahschauer My driver opened with asking if I accept Jesus as my savior, pitched the doc he was making on faith healing and then handed me a photo album with pictures of miracle healers putting their hands inside large open wounds!
1 star and a small tip b/c he knew where I lived.

Throwback to 10 years ago today: the launch of the FB “Recommendation Bar”. A seismic shift in how people consumed news.


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