Lobbyists and Deep State Operatives For Medical Tyranny

didn’t include ‘access to the office surge protector’ on the babyproofing checklist and now I’ll be restarting some stuff

@the_watcher @SusanDReynolds @Scott_Wiener how would I know? why don't you ask Susan Reynolds that question? what do Susan Reynolds' actions have to do with me?

@the_watcher The lie that I'm paid by Thiel, or a Thiel fellow, has been spread for months by Brandee Marckmann and Emily Mills, who goes by primitiveradio, as part of a multi-month effort to make me appear right wing-by-association. I'm sorry you were duped by it

@the_watcher Nope. Our org took bipartisan funding from several foundations including Koch, which is clearly displayed. But I've never have, ever, at any point, been paid by Thiel. I appreciate you proving my point ab smears, though. I know you've seen me address this already once.

@AndreaKuszewski Oh, yes. And the underemployed conspiracy theorists leading the counter-effort have spent the last few days digging through my deleted tweets trying to find old bad opinions and evidence of secret friendships with fascists. 🙄

They are digging for evidence that ordinary parents - 70k of us- are “privatizers”, “republicans”, “racists” and this is all a vast right wing plot connected to national anti-mask efforts. That is not true. This board failed kids, parents got fed up, and this is accountability.

The unconstitutional ban continues to disproportionately impact Black, Latino, Indigenous & other people of color, people in rural parts of the state, as well as people w/low incomes-people most likely to not have the resources required to travel out-of-state to seek an abortion.

@conspirator0 i used to wonder if that WAS the strategy. keep people busy chasing garbage while the real stuff was happening elsewhere... 🤷‍♀️

@conspirator0 but they seem almost wholly without engagement or any discernable impact. like someone is getting paid per post and needs to keep up the operation. we speculated on that in a report from last year but in 2 years have seen no operational improvements


@digitalsista have you been checking in there still? i was trying to keep up for a while but it got so time consuming. how are things going?

there were some very dedicated Black physicians who were doing really heavy lifting there for a while...

@chrisamccoy @jkosseff Balaji and I have talked about this a fair bit. 🙂 I think it'll likely look like persistent pseudonymity. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2020/09/future-propaganda-will-be-computer-generated/616400/

@astaroska @mims Fondly remembering my days as a co-founder of a logistics startup and thinking the West Coast port strike was a huge snafu…

@astaroska @mims I ordered a bed in May 2020. 🙂 first COVID halted production (v reasonable), now it’s been done for months (at least, something is done, they sent a photo…) but it can’t get a container out.

@BrandonLBradfor maybe if I tweeted the same thing but added a different gif this time you’d be convinced😛

I really feel like this dynamic plus the perpetually-online crowds on the bird app are why vast communities of people are devolving into factional nastiness.

@Pinboard A rock opera for our times. 🦇 🧛‍♀️ 🤘Felt very seasonally appropriate.

The Chinese content is rarely subtle. This is an interesting follow-on to the legos Covid one, which did go viral IIRC.

@jkosseff That’s interesting. I do think there will be a market opportunity for a different system of identity on social platforms within the next decade, esp as AI-generated content increases. Maybe it’s new platforms, maybe an identity layer on old.

@Eve278 @momenyl @primitiveradio @MartyZorro @BluebirdRave @vickykeston @saintlennybruce @cultofJT @jilltucker @hknightsf @sfchronicle You know, Lillith, I’ve never mentioned a single one of you idiots on main. Haven’t quote-retweeted Emily Mills despite her months of paranoid obsession. And yet, you lie about that too.

@Eve278 @momenyl @BluebirdRave @primitiveradio @saintlennybruce @cultofJT @jilltucker @hknightsf @sfchronicle lol come on Lillith, at least be honest and just own it: you don't like me, you don't like my politics, or my positions on SFUSD or what i advocate for. that's great! it's a badge of honor, in fact! keep not liking me. 🙂

@momenyl @primitiveradio @Eve278 @BluebirdRave @saintlennybruce @cultofJT @jilltucker @hknightsf @sfchronicle @sf_kerry There’s really only one meme that adequately encompasses all this lol

@momenyl @primitiveradio @Eve278 @BluebirdRave @saintlennybruce @cultofJT @jilltucker @hknightsf @sfchronicle @sf_kerry The hypocrisy is astounding.

And Brandee and Emily, rich housewives of tech execs, LARPing as dirtbag-left socialists but then crying doxing and appealing to “mom solidarity” when the people they smear and lie about and harass incessantly…dare to say their names out loud?

@momenyl @primitiveradio @Eve278 @BluebirdRave @saintlennybruce @cultofJT @jilltucker @hknightsf @sfchronicle @sf_kerry The account that incessantly harangues local media is now also out of state, with a kid enrolled in private school, from what I’m hearing. Which, incidentally, is the same claim “eve278” anonymously lobbed to try to delegitimize DtD organizers, IIRC?

@momenyl @primitiveradio @Eve278 @BluebirdRave @saintlennybruce @cultofJT @jilltucker @hknightsf @sfchronicle @sf_kerry Is Lillith Shilton, Esq, who used to DM people wild lies about me on FB before moving them here to Twitter and hiding behind an anon account, really up in this thread pretending that eve278 is someone else? That’s embarrassing for her.

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