Lobbyists and Deep State Operatives For Medical Tyranny

@EricRWeinstein Vaccines have never been (and can’t be) 100% safe; legally classified as “unavoidably unsafe” because of the net benefits. VICP has statistics for others. The conversation on this needs to include explanations of risks and benefits without sensationalism.

@EricRWeinstein @nypost The headlines on this, particularly from the Post, have consistently miscast the vaccine as the cause and then undermined that premise within the article as they list the circumstances of the death.

@karlhigley Three years later there are now some topical (relatively narrowly tailored) and some behavioral rules (does the group start brigades? Is an account muted on its first interaction with someone?) that are new.

@karlhigley I was on Clubhouse last night and got a prompt to straight-up list my interests - check a bunch of things I want to get suggestions for. I liked that and am curious to see how it impacts the rooms they push me.

The twin problems of broken curation (engagement determining what we see; bad reco engines) and📢 effortless creation and amplification 📢 (leading to a glut of content and need for curation) have transformed the information ecosystem in deeply harmful ways. It’s a system problem

It doesn’t matter what the specifics of the narrative are, as long as it’s engaging. The combination of highly active audiences (who themselves want to participate), and the affordances of social platforms, propel these claims. There is real demand for them.

@conspirator0 nice find.

there have also been some interesting accounts alleging they were injured by the SputnikV vaccine, pulling images of rashes from other places on the web.

@evelynisaacks @hannahwanebo @TaylorLorenz I think with pumping it was worse, maybe because with the baby actually there the eye contact and general “adorable baby experience” meant there was at least some distraction.

@evelynisaacks @hannahwanebo @TaylorLorenz Yeah, in 2013 there was almost no info about it. It was hard to put into words to google for. I would search for things like “biological sadness” bc there was never anything *wrong*, I was generally so happy, and it would pass so quickly. Amazing spectrum of nursing experiences.

@hannahwanebo @evelynisaacks @TaylorLorenz “Mom Internet” is such a crap shoot. I made a great IRL friend from that mom board, but also....so many of the spaces are toxic-absolutist battlegrounds for people with nothing better to do.

@hannahwanebo @evelynisaacks @TaylorLorenz Nursed #1 for 15mo despite DMER (which — it took me 6 mo to figure out what was even happening there, I could not get my head around why people liked nursing; now there are articles about it!) 2nd, also DMER, 50% formula. 3rd, pandemic baby, no DMER and mercifully no pumping.

@TaylorLorenz there were BATTLES over this in the pregnancy birth month group thing I joined while pregnant with my first (skipped that sh*t with the other two). before the babies were even on the outside.

@TaylorLorenz @janamal my husband, apparently listening behind me: "her child will never be fully self-actualized since it didn't have a lotus birth. bed won't help."

@johnwlockwoodiv @Sharkyl @rsg @holdingthebag Ah man. I was working and didn't see any messages about it. Would have been interested to hear it.

I caught the very end of the Chesa one when he had the exchange w/Balaji & Nancy. I'm glad leaders are stepping up to have unscripted chats w/the public.

@andreamatranga @antoniogm Yeah I think the bass arrangements are a novel draw. Also the asynchronicity- I did a cappella choir in HS (Catholic all girls no bass) and watch thinking about how awesome this kind of freeform remix would have been back then.

So if you have a late-in-year baby be aware that this kind of stupid bureaucratic BS apparently is a thing. Elections for that "life event" can still be reset a week later.

Since I'm not having another baby this year, the only option is to wait it out till next year. 😑

Post-natal story cautionary tale: I made changes to healthcare elections while filing papers to return to work after maternity leave in late September.

Turns out "open enrollment" was two wks later and they all reverted. I "missed" the deadline to elect and now, too bad.

@RebeccaCoelius @conor64 did it also blame the shrew wife unfairly? feels like the "overbearing wife ruining the fun of salt-of-the-earth men" was a not-uncommon literary trope in the early 1900s

I really hated the book enough that I am not going to personally revisit this myself 🙂

there's been a fair bit of this recently in the form of organized truther groups showing up to legislative sessions to scream conspiracies and harangue representatives debating COVID protocols etc, livestreaming it so a virtual mob can get riled up in the comments.

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