Love Trump’s State


Flow state is when you stick your hand out the car window and let it swim like a dolphin. You are in effortless creation with the world. You’re no longer thinking; you are experiencing. Your identity as a noun has transformed into a verb. Even you don’t know what’s going to come out of your mouth next. You have no fear of the flow. Flow state is your optimal mode of trance. In a flow state, you tap into the environment and find abundance. In a flow state, awareness is a surfboard.

Everything we do is a trance. Alertness is a trance. Joy is a trance. Destiny is a trance. Apathy, fear, guilt, and self-hatred are trance. Some trances are good for you. Some drain you like a battery. All of our energy goes somewhere and we are held responsible for where it goes. We are corraled by the fear of our choices unleashing a violent cancer. In our hearts, we check each receipt at the exit doors of Costco. We’ve been taught to treat our own vibration like a shoplifter. This is how we break our own flow state. Mistrust is a heavy tax to the lifeforce. We are all afraid of being the person who sucks at karaoke and doesn’t kn0w. But that person has an abundance of flow. It makes them untouchable. Trump has flow state. It’s 9 o’clock on a Saturday and Trump is a nasal-ridden goose who thinks he can sing like Billy Joel.

We forget politicians don’t always speak to their constituents. Trump’s success is letting him speak directly to the history books. Trump wants a legacy that’s bigger than all the elephants. His ego is the best thing that could have happened to America.

People hate the invincible for being too invincible. 

I hope the media picks up the idea Trump will be going down with Epstein. It would make all sides dive into the story and focus on what’s happening under the surface. It would show us all how the world has been forced to turn. I watch to see if MSM even tries to link Epstein to Trump. If not, this proves they don’t want their zombies feeding on this kind of meat. It could prove invigorating and break the trance they’ve worked so hard to install. It’s illogical to see Trump in bed with Epstein on this one. There is too much evidence pointing in the opposite direction.

Back in 2015, onstage at the annual CPAC conference, Trump said something very interesting about Bill Clinton. “Nice guy,” he said. “Got a lot of problems coming up, in my opinion, with the famous island with Jeffrey Epstein. Lot of problems.”

Which of these pedophile billionaire fraudsters is not connected to Mossad? The answer is zero.

Let’s consider Epstein’s boss was Les Wexner. Wexner was a fashion mogul for Victoria’s Secret, Limited Brands, and Abercrombie & Fitch. Wexner’s foundation created a bridge between Israeli politicians and Harvard. Epstein, Wexner, Klarman, Maxwell, and Hoffenberg are all dripping from the slime of Israeli deep state. That makes the Epstein case potential good news for America First. It’s impossible to criticize Mossad in public. People are simply too brainwashed by the myth that supporting narcissism and genocide gets a golden ticket into heaven. To my critics who say I’m anti-Trump, anti-Q, anti-jew, anti-Christian, or anti-American – you’re peeing in binary pajamas. I have always been loyal to anti-slavery. I have always been anti-corporation. The District of Columbia is the opposite of both. Every sentence I write continues to bring us back to sovereignty. This is something we lost in the American Civil War.

The Epstein case won’t solve government. But it can solve ignorance if we push hard enough. Solving ignorance takes ego. Society wants the ego under quarantine. When you have a strong ego like Trump, people don’t have to like you. Your behavior is no longer motivated by external forces. Freud insisted every man wanted to have sex with their mother. He shamed his ego on paper and academia praised him in their books. This is why we flog ourselves in public. Shaming the ego makes us touchable.

Trump is an alchemist, not a politician. Picture how expensive it’s been to hate him. Picture the size of the container of spent lifeforce from the Love Trumps Hate campaign until now. Every day, haters spit spent tobacco into the same jug. Trump hate is a painful dehydration, and every day the jug gets heavier from the load. That weight was lifeforce a long time ago. Now it’s a tax paid through lips forced to spit the name of, “Donald Trump.” From love trumping hate to loving Trump’s state, ego and narcissism might save America.

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