Measles, Measles, Everywhere!

While government and media are turning Nazi on “anti-vaxxers” for the latest outbreak, Ghost Ship Media looks at the thousands of documented ER visits of children with fevers, seizures and rashes from measles vaccine virus. Public health erases cases of “vaccine-associated measles” from outbreak data. And did you know that vaccine measles virus is in urine after a shot?


By Celeste McGovern, Ghost Ship Media 

2019 is proving to be the year of the reign of measles terror. In January, it was reported that infected children were milling about the international airport in Portland, Oregon. Neighboring Washington declared a state of emergency a mere 10 days later when 31 cases of measles had been reported in the state. This week, five states were dealing with outbreaks and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed 314 cases across the nation – almost half the high of 667 cases in 2014.

Clearly, according to the united mainstream media, “anti-vaxxers” are responsible for returning this measly plague from “near extinction.” As one commentator said,  parents who do not ensure that their children get the bare minimum of 23 needles by age five are the moral equivalent of  “drunk drivers” — a menace to everyone on the public highway who should “opt out of society.” Following this vein, one New York county took the extraordinary measure this week of instituting a ban on unvaccinated children in public spaces. Violators will be fined $500 and face up to six months in prison if they dare let an unvaccinated child step outside her home in Rockland County, a mostly Orthodox Jewish community north of New York City where 153 cases of measles were reported.

“We will not sit idly by while children in our community are at risk,” Rockland County Executive Ed Day said, launching something eerily akin to marking Jews in Berlin in 1939.  He didn’t say how this would work – are children to show papers before entering shops or synagogues? Or are they to wear stars on their jackets to identify them?  They must have a way.  And they have justified it. “This is a public health crisis and it is time to sound the alarm.”

Thousands of kids, show up in emergency rooms and clinics across the nation with spiking fevers, rashes and seizures caused by measles virus … ‘clinically indistinguishable’ from wild-type measles but it is caused by a vaccine virus.

Vaccine-induced vs. vaccine-preventable

While the measles five-alarm is ringing, it is worth looking into the peer-reviewed, published medical literature about recent infections. The funny thing is that there are hundreds of documented cases – maybe thousands undocumented — of measles going unreported to the CDC every year. Not secret cases of feverish children with mottled rashes, hidden away in the houses of Orthodox Jews or anti-vaxxer wellness types. No. Thousands of kids, show up in emergency rooms and clinics across the nation with spiking fevers, rashes and seizures caused by measles virus. The medical literature describes their illness as “clinically indistinguishable” from wild-type measles but it is caused by a vaccine virus.

“Vaccine- Associated Rash Illness”  looks so much like wild measles that parents go in droves to emergency rooms, usually seven to 12 days after a shot.  Even doctors have to be educated to distinguish  “vaccine-associated measles” from “vaccine-preventable” measles. The only accurate way to do this is by genotyping the virus using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing. Good thing we can do that, right? Except that doctors are told not to do PCR tests on children with measles who were recently vaccinated. Public health agencies tell doctors that they must report every case of measles – unless it is in children (or adults) who were recently vaccinated.

ER visits

It’s true, public health agencies tell parents to expect loss of appetite, mild fever and rash — “a mild form of measles”  — seven to 12 days after a measles injection. But for many, many children the reaction is not mild.   One study, published in 2017 in  Vaccine  (the journal of the vaccine industry) found that 7,480 (0.8 percent) of 946,806 American babies — that’s approaching one in 100 — who had recently received a first shot of MMR or MMRV between 2000 and 2012 were taken to an emergency room or clinic and had a “medically-attended” fever 7 to 10 days later.  The study excluded children in hospital earlier than day 7 as well as children who spiked fevers beyond day 10, so actual hospital visits for vaccine fevers is under-reported. This was not an expected vaccine reaction, the researchers said, but “considered an adverse event” to immunization and the study was trying to distinguish those children, clumped in certain genetic families it turns out, who are vulnerable to the reaction so that vaccines could one day be “personalized.” So, if vaccine researchers have found that some kids react differently to vaccines in a bad way than others, should county executives be issuing mandates that all children must be vaccinated?  One shot clearly does not fit all.

An earlier study from Canada also found that one in every 168 babies end up at an ER within two weeks of a measles shot. That’s a lot higher than the one-in-a-million vaccine risk that parents are told about, isn’t it?  The study said the babies were seen mostly for spiking fevers, rashes and seizures. The CDC recognizes an increased risk of seizures after vaccines, including the MMR. Parents take seizures seriously. Maybe they’d be inclined to join the growing ranks of “anti-vaxxers” who don’t want to take any risk – no matter how small the CDC thinks it is –of seizures in their healthy baby.

… our state-of-the-art surveillance systems have huge, gaping holes in their data collection because 1) they don’t understand the virus, 2) they don’t understand their vaccines, 3) they are hiding information, or 4) all of the above.

Erasing cases

In the midst of measles outbreaks we hear so much about, epidemiologists exclude vaccine-associated measles from the public picture. In one study of a measles outbreak in Ontario, Canada in 2015, health officials found that only 17 of 36 confirmed measles-positive cases were “wild type”– likely imported from abroad. Gene sequencing revealed that sixteen of the rest of the confirmed cases were from vaccine measles strain. Another two cases were thrown out before gene sequencing because they were from recently vaccinated individuals and assumed to be “vaccine-associated.” This means that half of the measles cases in the study (18 out of 36) were in people who were infected with vaccine measles, but the public health authorities only recognized 17 cases and could conclude that “most cases occurred in unimmunized individuals.’  In truth, most of the cases occurred in vaccinated people – and they were caused by the vaccine. But public health concluded, of course, that everyone should get vaccinated.

Apart from their staggering omission of cases, why didn’t the health authorities exclude the other 16 cases of vaccine-associated measles before PCR analysis? Perhaps they couldn’t identify them because they were not recently vaccinated. How long ago were they vaccinated? Or were they infected by another recently vaccinated person? What’s remarkable, is these measles cases didn’t interest the Ontario public health officials. These patients, sick with confirmed measles from vaccines, were thrown out of the data pool and, apparently, not further investigated.

In the midst of another measles outbreak,  public health people in British Columbia, Canada were surprised in 2013 when they tested a two-year-old baby girl who had a hot case of measles 37 days after her vaccine shot. The researchers said they “presumed” her illness must have been wild because 37 days is way beyond the expected seven to 21-day window of illness after immunisation described by the Canadian adverse event following immunization (AEFI) surveillance system.  What’s scary about this is that our state-of-the-art surveillance systems have huge, gaping holes in their data collection because 1) they don’t understand the virus, 2) they don’t understand their vaccines, 3) they are hiding information, or 4) all of the above.

… should we be worried that public health has stopped looking for what it doesn’t want to find?

Vaccine virus shedding

Scarier still is the researchers’ conclusion that “Further investigation is needed on the upper limit of measles vaccine virus shedding.” In other words, they know that people shed the live vaccine virus after they are immunized, but they don’t know for how long. Or how infectious it is. We could only find one case of transmission of vaccine virus (brother to sister) — a vaccinated child infecting an unvaccinated child — in the literature. Are we supposed to believe that this has only happened once since 1989 after millions of vaccinations? Or should we be worried that public health has stopped looking for what it doesn’t want to find?

There are horrific anecdotes of people who got measles from their children after they were vaccinated. That’s not hard to believe when studies show that the vaccine measles virus is readily detected in the urine of most children throughout a two-week testing period after vaccination.  Watch out changing diapers of vaccinated children.

Some of those most vulnerable to full-blown vaccination-induced measles are those with compromised immune systems. (e.g. here, here, and here.) Aren’t we told that we’re all supposed to be vaccinated to protect those with weak immune systems? The truth, from the medical literature, is that it is immunocompromised immune systems may not mount a full defense against the live virus in the vaccine. It is these individuals who have also been found to be shedding measles virus long after infection so it would not be surprising to find they shed vaccine virus long afterwards too.

Vaccine measles virus could be airborne like natural disease, as well. This study describes a three-year-old boy who was diagnosed with bronchitis — not measles — after an MMR vaccine. He had no measles rash but genotyping of the virus that he was excreting from his infected throat proved that it was an “attenuated” measles strain.

See no evil

It’s clear that doctors don’t usually test the children who show up at a hospital with measles rashes when they know it must be a vaccine reaction. In fact, they are told not to. “Testing for measles should only be considered in specific circumstances for which there is a possible exposure history to wild-type virus,” public health agencies say. In other words, don’t order the tests if it is going to confirm a vaccine strain.

It’s also clear that public health definitions of measles effectively omit the vaccine-induced disease. If it’s not included, it’s not recorded.  “Given that the standard provincial case definition excludes those who have been recently vaccinated, it was initially not clear that case management and contact tracing should be pursued,” some Canadian public health researchers wrote in one measles case study. In other words, they weren’t sure whether or not to investigate a kid who showed up covered head to toe in measles rash with fever and conjunctivitis. It was in the midst of an outbreak, so they decided to pursue it, against the public health guidelines. Swabs from his nose, throat and urine proved it was the vaccine.

Public health lackeys don’t understand the grassroots beneath ‘vaccine-hesitancy’…

This recent paper describes a 14–month-old Dutch boy admitted to hospital with an “impressive rash” 13 days after MMR-vaccination. Diagnostic tests confirmed measles infection and this “caused the mother to doubt further vaccination” according to the paper. Skip the testing, advised the health authorities. “Elaborate diagnostic procedures may cause the parents a lot of stress and therefore offering reassurance to parents may be more appropriate.”

Public health does not understand why most parents are not reassured if their child’s measles infection came from a vaccine vial. Are they not human?  Public health lackeys don’t understand the grassroots beneath “vaccine-hesitancy,” which they target as a leading threat to global security now, because they are out of touch with reality. People, like those in Rockland County, don’t avoid vaccines because they are misled by “fake” news and Facebook — but because of the real stories of corporate greed and political cover-up and vaccine-injured children that are shared on those platforms. The data bears them out. There are millions of them. They can’t be censored out of existence and vaccine-associated measles will not be eradicated if every last one of them is force vaccinated or banished.


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