MfK – A Story inside a Documentary


The Man From Katuah (MfK) is a story filmed inside a series of documentaries about sovereignty. Each film location is an opportunity for people to gather around a campfire and talk about sovereignty. If you’re feeling powerless about the world sleepwalking around you, this is the perfect way to feel productive and do something. Man is the living soil. This project is the manifestation of that truth.

The Film – Producers can see the script and scene outline by logging onto Patreon. All of the production meetings have been recorded on YouTube so you can hear more about it. The film is under wraps until we release it. It’s a story that stretches back to pre-Colonial America and the eclipse of 1140.

The Documentary – Each series in the documentary will be filmed on location. We will capture interviews from reenactors where we ask them about sovereignty and the history of America. This is a golden opportunity to tell the real story of America that’s been erased under the illusion that Columbus discovered America. The story of Columbus erased our land’s history. It discovered nothing.

We’re just getting started. To date, we have filmed two reenactment events and have many more across the nation we want to capture. We are looking for producers, reenactors, artists, craftsmen, activists, writers, videographers, editors, photographers, production staff and more. If you sign up before the end of 2019, you qualify for full producer credits. We need a strong tribe of elders right now to plant this bloodroot.

There are two ways to join the tribe:
1) Patreon:

2) Go Fund Me:

You can read the short story Man From Katuah in my new book, The Technology of Belief
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