Model-Turned-Escort Auctioning Off Virginity To “Buy House For Mum” 


A 23-year-old, 5’9″ 110 lb. model from Azerbaijan is selling her virginity online in the hopes of buying a house for her mother and traveling the world. 

Mahbuba “Maria” Mammadzada – one of Azerbaijan’s most successful models currently living in Turkey, wants to make her mother “proud” by selling her virginity. The minimum bid currently stands at €250,000 ($290,612). 

The winner will receive a doctor’s certification that she is indeed a virgin, and will need to take Maria’s virginity in Germany “for legal reasons,” though the buyer can choose a hotel of his choice. The highest bidder can also bring their own doctor, or visit another doctor in Germany to verify virginity one day before the “event.”

Her profile at Cinderella Escorts reads: 

“I want to sell my virginity on Cindrella Escorts and because I want to have a house for me and for my mom, so finally we could live in our own place, and also to travel all over the world with Mom. I wanna live in Usa and continue my Modeling career there with one of the Top Modeling  Agencies, Worldwide. So my dream can come true. I love dogs, and I dream to open a shelter for dogs in my country. My mom did everything for me till now, and now its my turn, to make her proud of me.

Go ahead, make her mum proud! 

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