A new Emerson poll shows the Recall is tightening. Yes: 43%, No: 48%. Get ready to fight like our state’s future depends on it.

The poll also shows our campaign is the one on the rise: just over a week after launching we’ve already surged to 4th place out of 46 candidates, only narrowly trailing candidates who have been in the race all year.

We’ve been underdogs all along. But with the finish line now in sight, it’s clear this is a race we can win. You can watch our new campaign ad here

Newsom’s desperation is palpable. He just held a press conference promising to get “tough on crime.” I ran for the Legislature in 2016 on a public safety platform because I saw Prop. 47 as a disaster. It’s taken five more years and an imminent Recall for Newsom to notice the problem.

If you’re in the area, please join us for our Rally in San Francisco Saturday morning, on Newsom’s home turf. Our rallies so far have been large and lively. It’s a sign California is about to shock the world. 

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