More “Bipartisanship”: Support grows (In Congress) for billions more foreign aid in upcoming COVID-19 emergency bill

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Americans tend to HATE foreign aid, which almost always means BILLIONS for the ruling classes in their respective countries. But members of Congress, whose offices are just down the road from where the lobbyists who work for foreign governments work, always seem very happy to send this taxpayer money overseas. We wonder why?

(From Roll Call)

Foreign aid advocates — frustrated at the relative absence of international assistance in previous supplemental coronavirus spending measures — are mounting a full-force effort to ensure this next emergency appropriations bill includes billions of dollars for international vaccine efforts and humanitarian support to cope with the nutrition, health and social welfare consequences of the global pandemic.

The effort includes top United Nations officials and dozens of Republican and Democratic lawmakers, who have been speaking out and signing bipartisan letters to Senate and House leadership calling for them to support significant foreign aid levels in the upcoming bill.

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