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Gavin Newsom just announced a $300 billion budget. Twenty years ago, it was $100 billion. And everything has gotten worse.

This spectacular failure of “progressive” politics is becoming intolerable to even the most left-leaning Californians. In San Francisco, they ousted their school board members in a landslide and are about to do the same to their DA.

That’s why this is the year we can start to change things. Ballots are out and I wanted to pass along a few recommendations for state offices:

  • My Successor: My Assembly District has been split in two under the new lines, so I get to endorse two successors: Joe Patterson of Rocklin and Josh Hoover of Folsom. Both are true fighters who I’m excited to see fight alongside James Gallagher at the Capitol.
  • Governor: I have not yet endorsed a candidate for Governor. The leading contenders are Shawn Collins, Jenny Rae Le Roux, Brian Dahle, Anthony Trimino, and Michael Shellenberger, 
  • State Controller: Lanhee Chen will be a fiscal watchdog to rein in the Supermajority. He is running a very impressive campaign and has a strong chance to win. 
  • State Superintendent: Lance Christensen is running for State Superintendent of Public Instruction to oust an incumbent who is entirely controlled by the unions.
  • Other Offices: See the California Republican Party’s endorsements and Carl DeMaio’s Reform California Voter Guide.

I’m running for the 3rd Congressional District. It covers 10 counties, but I’m grateful to have loyal supporters from every part of California.  You can see my website at

I want to be a voice in Congress for all California conservatives and patriots. Because I know that you believe, as I do, that California is worth fighting for and America is worth saving. 

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