Netflix Offers Anti-Semite, Homophobe Farrakhan Documentary Starting August 1st


For executives at Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, life is a constant battle to crackdown on free-speech that hurts people’s feelings (or asks uncomfortable questions) as ‘algos’ attempt to maintain a civil discourse on their platforms by ‘shadowbanning’ various conservative thoughts in an effort to placate their social-justice-seeking users.

For executives at Salesforce and Microsoft (and Google), it seems any interaction with the US government (ICE management to AI-assisted drone-executions) is unacceptable to a growing number of their employees and clients.

For executive at Amazon, questions are constantly being raised at how cozy its relationship is with the deeper darker state of the US government.

However, for Netflix executives, those worries do not seem to be problem for the millions of viewers (or is it?…given the most recent disappointment on growth).

Just a few weeks ago we noted the fact that Netlfix seemed ok to offer an Argentinian movie that contained a quite explicit child pornography scene.

And today, we discover that the video-streaming service will begin offering a film chronicling the life of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan on August 1 despite the activist’s penchant for resorting to anti-semitic and anti-gay slurs.

As National Review’s Jack Crowe reports, the documentary, The Honourable Minister Louis Farrakhan: My Life’s Journey Through Music, was produced in 2014 by Farrakhan’s son and chronicles the minister’s life as an activist and fringe political figure. The documentary will be released on August 1, according to a list of newly licensed films Netflix released this month. Farrakhan teased the Netflix release in a Monday tweet.

Farrakhan began his career as a civil-rights activist in the 1960’s and later gained notoriety for helping organize the first Million Man March in Washington, D.C. in 1995. But he has been criticized for frequent bigoted statements against Jews, gays, and others.

He routinely blames the socio-economic plight of African-Americans on a cabal of wealthy Jewish financiers

In 1984 Farrakhan said “The Jews don’t like Farrakhan, so they call me Hitler. Well, that’s a good name. Hitler was a very great man.”

And just this March, at the Women’s March of all things, Farrakhan lashed out at Jews, calling them “the mother and father of apartheid” and slamming  “that Satanic Jew.”

Farrakhan has also criticized President Obama’s acceptance of homosexual “immorality” in harsh terms.

As a result, a number of liberal politicians and activists have been forced to distance themselves from him… but not, apparently, Netflix?

Perhaps we should celebrate Netflix’s adherence to protecting ‘free speech’, to feel comfortable inciting hatred and violence in the interests of allowing humans to express their free-will as to what they choose to pay attention to? Or perhaps, somehow in this twisted world of virtue-signaling, this is yet another odd example of the hypocrisy of today’s liberal cognoscenti.

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