New Book! PLAGUE OF CORRUPTION: Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science

By, Kent Heckenlively, Author, Plague of Corruption

When I asked Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to write the foreword to my new book with Dr. Judy Mikovits called PLAGUE OF CORRUPTION I wasn’t expecting it to happen. After all, Kennedy seemed to be the busiest man on the planet, saving the Earth’s air, water, animals, and children, so he probably wouldn’t even have time to read my book.

Plus there is little doubt we have different temperaments.

To take an example from the 1960s, I compare Kennedy to Martin Luther King, Jr., while I am more of a firebrand, like Malcolm X.  I don’t mind upsetting people, while Kennedy tries for a different, smoother approach.

I think the situation is like the story I’d read about his father, Senator Kennedy, who as he was preparing his run for the Presidency, met with a group of black activists in a Park Avenue apartment in New York City. The activists didn’t think the senator appreciated their concerns and berated him the entire time for his lack of understanding.

Of course, Senator Kennedy, being a sensitive human being, was initially a little offended by the encounter.  But then he did something remarkable. Kennedy continued to meet with this group who had berated him. And they became some of his strongest supporters.

About my book and views

Let me be clear about PLAGUE OF CORRUPTION.  It is a Malcolm X book.  It is not a Martin Luther King, Jr. book.

I think the entire public health system needs to be torn down and rebuilt.  This is MUCH bigger than a remodel.

While I understand and support the questions that Kennedy and others are asking about mercury, aluminum, and other chemicals found in vaccines and the environment, it seems like an incomplete argument to me. I want to add more to the conversation.

For instance, I question whether the use of animal tissue and aborted human fetal tissue in our therapeutics are unleashing a plague of vast proportions. Could the mixing of animal and human tissue in culture promote not only the expression of both animal and human viruses, but also allow them to promiscuously recombine into deadly pathogens which are robbing our children of their vitality and future?

Would Kennedy do it or was a rejection coming?

I was worried when I submitted my book to Kennedy because I had two competing thoughts in my head.

The first was that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is, in my opinion, the bravest public figure in our country. Nobody had more to lose, and yet when he was convinced of a certain course of action, he took it.

The second was that the ideas in our book might seem so out of left field to him that he’d dismiss the book entirely, and might actively campaign against it.

I sent the request then held my breath and waited.  All I was asking was for him to write a three to four-page foreword.

To my great surprise, instead of a three to four-page foreword, Kennedy wrote a twelve-page foreword.  And he decided to make PLAGUE OF CORRUPTION the inaugural book in his Children’s Health Defense imprint at Skyhorse Publishing.

Some leaders understand that new ideas can benefit everybody. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., is one of those leaders. He has my deepest gratitude.

PLAGUE OF CORRUPTION: Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science goes on sale today! It is listed in the CHD website store and on Amazon.


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